The featured blogger this week is Joc of Tale of Three Babies. Joc is the proud MoM of 2 year old boy, boy, girl triplets. Her birth story is unique and includes two countries. I hope you like Joc’s blog as much as I do!
Can you tell us the story behind the title of your blog?
The story behind the name of my blog was purely a joke to tease my husband.  I teased him that we were going to have triplets while we were trying to get pregnant.  So when I found out I was pregnant I decided to keep the joke going and name the blog something with triplets in it.  I guess the joke turned on me when I found out we indeed were having triplets.  I would have to say it’s the best joke ever!
You had a bumpy road to mommyhood in regards to deliver, can you discuss what happened?
I went to the hospital at 23 weeks because of a few minor cramps.  The Dr. ended up examining me and told me that I was 3 cm dilated and would deliver that night. We prayed and left the babies in God’s hands.  We made it through the first critical 24 hours and surprised all the Dr.’s!!!  Then a few days later we were told that we needed to be transferred to a different hospital and we transferred from Canada to Seattle, US.  3 weeks later the babies were born at 27 weeks 3 day.  
What advice could you offer a new MoM with preemies?
Spend as much time as you can with your new bundle of joy!  We were not allowed to hold the babies for at least a few days after they were born so we sat by their incubators and sang to them and touched their arms and toes.  We even told them stories, just anything that they knew we were there and they could hear our voices.  I think part of the reason our three thrived is because of the love and strength we showed the babies while they were in the NICU.
Also you are the advocate for your baby so make sure you ask a lot of questions and stand up for them in terms of the care that they get.
What has been one of your favorite things about having triplets?
One of my favorite things about triplets is seeing your 3 always have a playmate and the bond that they have already at 2.  They are impossible to seperate regardless of the situation.  If one is in time out the others are sure to be close by.  If one sleeps a little longer then when they other two are taken out of their cribs they promptly go over to the sleeping triplet and wake them up.  It is so special to see their triplet bond in action!
What’s a typical day like in your house?
Our days are full from start to finish.  Normally the kids are awake by 7:30 and happy.  They wake me up by calling out “Mommy where are you?” It’s a great way to start the day.  After normal morning stuff that happens in every family we are often going to a playgroup of some sort.  I have been lucky enough to find playgroups that are safe and contained for my 3.  Containment is great because the kids get a chance to play freely and I can sit and drink a cup of tea and not have to worry about them 🙂  Then it’s back home for lunch and the kids still nap (YEAH!!!!) So after lunch I have 2 hours free time.  The best advice given to me was someone said don’t do housework while your kids are napping and I listened to that advice.  So while the kids are napping I have wonderful “me” time.  It’s great. When the kids are up the business starts again.  We try to get outside if it’s not raining and the kids love to go on walks.  This age is great because everything is fascinating.  We looked at fungus growing out a tree for about 15 minutes one day because they were so interested.  Then I usually cook and the kids normally watch a bit of Elmo.  They can’t get enough Elmo and it allows me the time to make a good supper for the family.  My husband usually comes home right before supper and we can enjoy a family dinner together.  Then after clean up and the kids and daddy play time, it’s bath then snack and bedtime. The kids bath each night just cause they love it so much.  Thankfully the kids are good sleepers so normally we don’t see them or hear from them until the next morning 🙂
What would you do with an extra (kid free) hour in your day?
I love video games so I would probably play one of those or maybe watch some reality tv.  I’m a sucker for those shows 🙂
What question(s) do you have for the other families in the community?
How do you deal with children showing more affection for one parent over the other?
In terms of going to school did you put your children in the same class or different classes?
How do you make a multiple an individual too?
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