Let me introduce you to Danielle, mommy to twins Brooklynn & Lincoln and wife to Alain. Danielle lives in lovely Ontario, Canada and blogs over at WayOffScript.  What I love about Danielle’s interview is her letter to her twins who recently turned 2. Blogging gives us the freedom to document our stories, our learnings and inner thoughts that one day our children can maybe one day read (if that is our desire). Thank you so much Danielle! I hope the community enjoys the Featured blogger below. If you would like to be featured just send me a message on the Contact me page above.

Why did you start your blog?

I started blogging years ago. Actually, It was a mess of ideas and emotions written anywhere I could find in the moment. This past year I have followed some really terrific blogs and even though their stories are about mundane and vanilla parts of life rather than lengthy philosophical pieces, I loved reading them. Realizing that you don’t need to be a pro writer and that usually, the best posts are written from honesty, I felt compelled to create a space where my thoughts were organized and maybe one day, my kids can look back on my posts and understand some of the crazy things that mom has going on in her head 🙂 My intention of having a semi private space to work out my thoughts turned into a really fun place to connect and meet people all while sharing pieces of my life with friends and family. The response has been overwhelming and I am so thankful that I haven’t met any haters yet!

Were you surprised to discover you were carrying twins?

Our story is a little unique in that we knew our odds of multiples were quite high. Twins run in my family on both my mother’s side and father’s side. I also suffer from PCOS, so needing hormonal stimulates from a fertility doctor also increased our chances for multiples. Needless to say, the idea of twins was very present and when it was confirmed at eight weeks, I think we both just smiled and thought it was funny.

Twin Mom BloggerWhat was your pregnancy like?

I am certain I will get hate mail for this, but my pregnancy was nearly a dream. No morning sickness, minimum swelling and I carried right til 36w 6d without a single hiccup. Yes, I was sore and was threatened several times to take it easy or risk complete bed rest, but I felt pretty great and really enjoyed bring pregnant. I think I can attribute a lot of my comfort to the doctors and nurses who kept such a close eye on me. I had been closely monitored before we even conceived and was seen almost weekly until I was twelve weeks along. In the remaining twenty-four weeks, I had seven ultrasounds and thirteen stress tests. All standard stuff for multiple moms around here. But having the extra attention and care really helped to ease my mind.

What has been your biggest accomplishment these past 12 months?

Whew…this last year has been wonderful and excruciating. They kids turned two in March, so we are FINALLY over the teething mountain. Boy that was not fun! I would have to say though, even after surviving many colds, hand, foot & mouth disease, two 20hr road trips, and moving across the province, our biggest accomplishment came just a week ago. We put our feet down and implemented a strict bedtime routine. A modified cry it out if you will. We are on night nine and I can truthfully say, it is THE hardest, most rewarding thing you can do for your kids and yourselves. In the crying moments, it can be rough but everyone sleeps better and is more rested for the day, so it is all worth it. My only advice, is to start early! The eight month marks seems to be the golden age.

What is your best advice for a new parent of multiples?

My best advice for new parents is two-fold. Trust your gut and ask for advice 🙂 Hook up with your local multiples chapter and get to know some of the families. Without sounding completely rude, parents with singletons will try their best to help and understand your struggle, but they will never get it. Being a parent of multiples is a completely unique situation that requires a lot of adjusting and patience. Controlling the chaos is your main priority and only other parents of multiples can truly understand your struggle. So connect with some locals and look to them for advice. They will have LOTS to share! Whatever advice you get from friends, book or the internet, take it all in stride. Figure out what works for YOUR family, and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for the choices you make. I can guarantee you will hear hundreds of opinions, but yours is the only one that matters.

What question or questions do you have for the families in the community?

Ooooh so many! Our next big hurdle will be preschool and kindergarten. We are enrolling the kids in french immersion, so for parents who have made this transition already, what are your best tips/things you wish someone told you etc that helped with your transition?

What is your favourite blog post to share with the Multiples and More?

My favorite post recently has to be my letter to the kids on their 2nd birthday. I hadn’t intended to write such an in-depth piece. I sat down to write a quick Happy Birthday message and the rest sort of flowed out if me. You can take a peek at blog post “You Are Two.”

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this community!

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