Is it just me, or is a trip to the pediatrician’s office require almost as much planning as a mini vacation? When my kids were newborns I didn’t dare attempt a visit without an extra set of hands, now it’s the norm. However, I always come prepared.

Before you even leave for your appointment, try and make a list of questions or concerns you have. I can guarantee you won’t remember all of these when you are sitting in the room, so having them written down will save you a headache later. When the kids were newborns we used to keep a chart of how often they went to the bathroom and if it was poop or pee because the doctor always asked. We also kept a chart of how often they ate, and how much they ate. For those appointments we would bring the charts with us since we were lucky to even remember our own names at that point.

I can pretty much guarantee we will sit in the waiting room for at least 15 minutes before we get called back. I hate the waiting room, it’s like a life-sized petrie dish. Even though the room is separated into “sick” kids and not “sick” kids, I know that’s not always the case. I definitely do a quick hand wash or sanitize as soon as we are in the back room.

About that back room, you know the room you actually get to sit in, we usually sit here for 15-30 minutes before the doctor comes in. Thank goodness for the Weet Woo app on my iPhone. The kids can watch cartoons while we wait, or, if I remember, I bring their MobiGo’s to play with. It’s important to bring a good distraction for your kids because sometimes you just don’t know how long you will be in the room.

Here are some other tips I compiled from all of you

  • Load up on probiotics before and after your appointment. If you’re just going in for a check up, you don’t want your baby/kid to catch an icky virus. ~Shelia S.
  • Bring bubbles… helps kiddos understand when the docs says deep breath…and it’s entertaining! ~Alexia C.
  • Make sure they are freshly napped and fed…bring snacks and easy to put on and off clothes! ~Krystle B.
  • Bring your husband or someone else who can help you out. Especially important when it’s immunization time and both babies need soothing. ~Ericka C.
  • Do your own research before making decisions. ~Jennie P.
  • One child at a time!!!!! Even before autism started showing itself, it was always too chaotic when doing them both. It was hard to accurately report if it wasn’t written down. ~Ilene K.
  • Prepare the older ones if they are getting vaccines. Don’t surprise them. Explain a few days before that they will be getting vaccines to keep them from getting sick. Tell them it might hurt for a second, but it will go away quickly. That way they will be prepared and won’t worry every time they go to the pediatrician that they might be getting a shot. Also don’t ever threaten them with a shot aka “if you don’t behave I’ll have them give you a shot!”. My pet peeve as a nurse practitioner. ~Krissi W.
  • Snacks, snacks, and more snacks. ~Allison B.
  • Snacks, toys books and make sure you can laugh at the chaos. We always “arrive” and everyone knows where we are…I just giggle and laugh…it is what it is. ~Maggie D.
  • I always bring a list of questions that I want to ask because it is always so chaotic in there and I will forget everything without it written down. ~Lisa P.
  • Go with your gut. If something concerns you let the doctor know no matter how little it may seem. You know your kids. My ped sees them 10 minutes a couple times a year, I’m with them 24 hours a day. ~Jennifer W.
  • I always try to bring a second person to help out especially on vaccine days. I also make a list of all my questions before I go in because once I get there it is always a little chaotic and I forget. Bring snacks and toys sometimes those waits can be long. Ask if there is a special well baby waiting room so you don’t have to wait in a room full of sick little ones. ~Whitney W.

What are some tips you have for keeping your sanity while in the pediatrician’s office?