The featured blogger this week is Kerry of Multiple Mummy! Kerry is the proud MoM of 2 year old boy/girl twins and a 3 year old son. Yup, there’s only 15 months between all three kids!

What made you decide to start a blog?

I was in search of some brain stimulation. I love being a mummy but with three under three (or at the time the blog started under 2) there is only so much you can gain from a two piece puzzle for the 5th time in a row. During nap times are started internet trawling and reading up on parenting and stumbled across some fabulous blogs. On the 31st January, I braved writing a comment on a blog post and as I signed up to blogger to do this, it asked me if i wanted to make my own one. In an impulsive random moment I click ok! I never thought I would stick to it, but I have, I love it, and it is my release. It is also my memories of everything I am doing with the children right now, and it had given me so many opportunities and experiences. I hope people continue to enjoy reading it.

Were you surprised when you discovered you were pregnant with twins?

Yes! Although my husband wasn’t, he had guessed. I was so sick with Hyperemesis I was admitted to hospital to be put on a drip. My first born was only six months at the time and I was heartbroken to leave him. I had to go in though, as I had lost 2 stone in weight in 11 weeks! I had my scan there and that is when they told us.

There is only 15 months between your oldest son and your twins, how did you initially adjust to have three kids 1 and under?

I was very lucky to have a very supportive and hands on husband. I didn’t breast feed the twins as I needed control on knowing how much they had, as i did not want to take time away from Noah. I could not get them to feed at the same time and the third night in, my husband said, ‘you have not been to bed at all have you?’ It was then that we started alternate baby feeding in the night. We would have one each, and then swap the baby we had the next night. They slept through 12 hours from 12 weeks old, so we were ver lucky! I also managed to get a student Nanny on training to come on placement at my house which helped a lot, and then I was referred to Homestart – a family charity in the UK, that provides volunteer support. This meant I got get them all out the house as a triple buggy is not easy to push or get through doorways!

What is your best tip for families in a similar situation with multiples and siblings so close in age?

Never turn down help! If they ask to help set them on a task. Ironing, bathroom cleaning, letting you have a nap! Take them up on it. It is not a lack of ability to cope, it is common sense! (I am not very good at practicing what I preach by the way!)

What are some of your favorite activities to do as a family?

We love going to the beach shell collecting, we love making treasure hunts, baking, Days out at the National Trust, picnics…you name it and we will do it. We love being together.

What would you do with an extra (child-free) hour in your day?

Read! I miss reading so much. With a hot chocolate with whipped cream on top!

What questions do you have for the other families in the community?

1. If you have kids the same age as me…how to manage to get them out the car safely, as someone always has to wait at the curb and then you rely on trust. I hate it.
2. What support networks do you have and use?
3. School will be the next step for us..put them in the same class or separate classes?

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