Welcome back our featured blogger of the week, Krystle of 3 Little Men and a Mommy! The last time we talked to Krystle it was May of 2011 and her little guys were just wee ones! Let’s catch up with Krystle and her 3 little men!


What has changed in your life since our last interview in 2011?

What hasn’t?! Our teeny men have grown into these running, climbing crazy toddlers who go constantly and are talking in full sentences and know their shapes!!! And my oldest is now 4 1/2 and in Preschool! Their personalities have developed so clearly and while it’s a whole new kind of exhausting, it’s much more fun these days!


How has Jack adjusted to having twin brothers?

In all honesty, it’s been a rough adjustment. Now that they are able to actually play more with him, it’s gotten better. In the beginning it was quite hard for him, and on some levels I think we are still working on it. He’s an amazing kid, but he does love to have his attention 🙂 Right now our biggest thing is working on sharing, and his brothers don’t get the concept of that being Jack’s and Jack doesn’t understand that they are still learning not to mess up something he’s done. It’s a process but all in all, we are starting to see their friendship develop and that brings a smile to our hearts.

Can you talk a little about Trades of Hope?

Yes! Trades of Hope is a company that works with artisans themselves and organizations that are helping women in difficult circumstances. Some women have been rescued from sex slavery. Others are raising handicapped children alone. Some are in war torn countries and others have AIDS. These women have never had the chances we’ve had, yet they are just like us in so many ways. They love their families and hope and dream of a better life for them.

We are helping by marketing their products through the home party model (and we also do Facebook parties!) so they can put food on their table, a roof over their head, get medical care and an education for their children. The products are beautiful and when you know that purchasing them makes a difference in their lives, it makes it that much more special! We call it a “party with a purpose”. You can go to my website to find out more www.mytradesofhope.com/krystlebowen

What are some of your favorite activities to do as a family?

We love to go places. Whether it’s out as a family to the store for a simple grocery run, to the park or to Disneyland! We’ve traveled with them since they were young and we are so glad we did, we have flown with them and also done a 15 hour car trip with them and feel that because we just did it early, it’s made it easier in the long run!

What question or questions do you have for the other families in the community?

As I mentioned, the boys are climbers and into everything. At this moment we have our chairs bungee corded to the table, and a superyard gate around our computer! It’s so unlike having one where you can just stand there for 20 minutes and continue to dish out the discipline. I guess my question would be…when should this start to change?! And how do you handle discipline for twins with opposite personalities?

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