As per the latest data released by the Health Officer’s Council of British Columbia, about 83% of students in Ontario in grade twelve have been found to drink alcohol. Out of these only 49% admit to this addiction. Also the recent Canadian Community Health Survey reveals that the rate of kids undergoing depression has not improved unlike the other countries. Drug addiction, high depression rates and indulging into criminal activities are the most dangerous things that can happen to the boy kids.

However, these can be avoided if these kids are raised properly. For this, being the parent(s), you need to identify the major issues concerned with raising sons and finding solutions to them. This article talks about such vital issues.

Raising Boys: A Difficult Responsibility

Whether it is raising a son or a daughter, each one is equally challenging. However, there are certain issues that are faced only while raising male kids. Let’s have a look at two such issues and find out how to cope up with them.

Help him to express how he feels

Studies suggest that as compared to boys, girls are encouraged by their parents to speak out about their emotional problems. Many parents think that a male child is very tough and he can manage his emotions well by himself. Even if you think along the same lines, you need to take a reality check. Boys who are stoic and hide their emotions generally grow up to become a man with poor communication skills. However, this grave issue can be handled if proper care is taken while raising the boys. Next, time your son returns from school with a grumpy mood, don’t just let things go by saying, “Buck up, it’s not that bad….” Instead you can begin by asking, “Looks like you are a bit upset; may be I can help you…” If he is doesn’t want to discuss it at the moment, give him time. Let him know that you are always there by his side. Here, fathers can play a more vital role as compared to mothers. When asked by their father, sons feel a protective shield around them. This assures them that they are safe. These little baby steps help boys not only develop frankness with their family, but also teach them to relate to others.

Increase his self esteem

Have you ever praised your son for his efforts rather than his talents? Praising kids is very important. However, praising them for their talents sets high expectations for them. This burdens their fragile shoulders with the pressure of excelling. You will be interested to know that a research conducted at Columbia University revealed that young boys feel more accomplished if praised about how they worked hard to achieve something. Unlike the myth, a man who feels good about himself isn’t an egoist; instead he is someone who is confident enough to try something new and take up challenges.
Besides, never stop yourself from bestowing your son with physical affection. Although after some years you may find him resisting your hugs and kisses, but this should not stop you from showing your love for him. Instead choose your moments carefully. For instance, instead of kissing him in front of his friends, a peck on is forehead at the time he goes to bed would be nice.

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