Leo (July 23 – August 22)

The Cub or Baby Lion: Very Creative and Happiest when Being the Center of Attention

Similar to Aries, Leos are natural leaders. They are the Kings and Queens of the Zodiac and expect to be treated like royalty. This sign is dynamic and fun, so they easily earn that spot. Leos are also known for being stable, loyal, and consistent as they are ruled by the sun.

Babies born under this fire sign will show their need to be noticed and to be the center of the stage very early on. If your Leo baby senses they are being ignored, they will be extremely unhappy and will most definitely start to throw one fist after another. 

It is essential to strike a balance when it comes to raising a Leo child. You should definitely acknowledge them and make them feel important, but they also need to realize that others need their time on the stage as well. 

Kids, in general, do not develop real empathy until they are in elementary school. However, it is highly important to teach a Leo child to share very early on, so they do not become too self-involved and only believe that they are worthy of stealing the stage as they grow older. 

However, one thing to remember with Leo kids is that they are highly creative and playful. They love arts and crafts, and when they do create a masterpiece, that is the time to acknowledge their talents and tell them how beautiful and wonderful their creation is. This will help them stay confident, so they can keep harnessing their creative skills. 

As a parent, seek for coaching opportunities that involve quieting down and listening, so they reach their peak potential earlier in life. Your Leo child will know they are amazing, and if they can observe and listen, they will become even better humans in the process, especially in situations in which they are not right.

Leo baby

Leo Twins and Multiples: 

Be prepared to be entertained by a lot of drama! Leos are genuinely joyous, but their need to compete for attention might get them into trouble. Make sure to create situations where they can fulfill their creative needs together to strengthen their bond. 

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