Libra (September 23 – October 22)

The Mini Scales: Young Diplomats that Struggle with Decision-Making

Libras are in constant pursuit of finding equilibrium in all aspects of their life. Relationships and friendships are critical to them, along with intellectualism and art. They are loyal, responsible, and usually have exquisite taste in everything. 

Libra babies will generally have a calmer disposition as this is an air sign that represents harmony. This sign do not like conflict or stress and want to be in peaceful environments. These babies will become fussy if they feel any tension in the air. Parents need to manage their stress well so they can keep their Libra child in a positive state. 

Although they are great mediators as they appreciate seeing all points of view, Libra kids will struggle with making a decision. And this applies to all levels, like choosing what to have for dinner. In this case, present them with two or three choices and help them narrow their options down so they can make a decision faster. This is something that Libras struggle with, so it will be good to practice improving their decision-making skills at a young age.

As they grow older, you will notice that your Libra child is a dreamers and will make big plans. However, they will not be great at follow-through. Help them ground these plans, so they know they have the power to do anything from a young age if they put in the work.

Libra baby

Libra Twins and Multiples: 

This combination is the closest to a textbook definition of perfect siblings. When multiple Libras live together, they will go the extra mile to be the most disciplined, smart, and caring. Be sure to remind them that they are loved as they are and that they were brought to this world to live and fulfill their own dreams, so they don’t pressure themselves too much. 

Libras also struggle with defining their identity and questions like Who Am I? will come up in their lives more than one time. When having more than one Libra at home, work hard to highlight individuality. 

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