This was a popular workshop over the last school holidays with the mini-artists, possible because it was dead easy, possibly because the end result sparkled in the sunlight. For whatever reason, our class loved making suncatchers so much many went on to creating two or three and tying them all together on small branches they found outside.

supplies needed to make a Beaded Suncatcher

Supplies needed

  • Scissors
  • Fishing line, or jewelry nylon thread
  • Glass beads, Semi precious stones
  • Glass Mirror Stickers
  • A Pendant

Steps to create the beaded suncatcher

how to make a Beaded Suncatcher

Step 1:

Start by tying your pendant onto the fishing line using a double knot, leaving a tail of about 3-4cms

Step 2:

As you start to thread the beads, make sure you tuck the tail of the bead line into the bead. By tucking in the tail, rather than cutting it off you’re giving your pendant a much better chance of staying where it is.

Step 3:

Before you get to the end of the tail add a mirror sticker. I generally manage to stick these on by laying one on the table, sitting the line diagonally over it, and then sticking another one on top so they are back to back.

You can adjust the position slightly to make sure the edges line up but BE CAREFUL! MIRROR STICKERS ARE GLASS AND CAN CUT. Most kids 8 and up seem to be able to do this part by themselves, but I have had to help some younger, and less dexterous kids with this step.

Step 4:

Continue beading, interjecting the bead pattern with mirrored stickers until your beaded suncatcher is long enough. I usually put a mirrored sticker right at the end to hold the beads in place so they don’t slip back off the top of the knot.

Finally tie a loop in the end of the suncatcher so you can hang it anywhere.

By hanging it a place where it will receive sunlight, your mirrored stickers will reflect little points of light around the room like a disco ball.


The great part about these suncatchers is that you can personalize them, or add extra special touches to make each one different. Try adding things such as:

  • Any beads you find around the house
  • A pendant from a piece of broken jewelry that means too much to throw away
  • Tiny bits of bark
  • Bells
  • Butterfly stickers (stick them back to back like the mirrored stickers)

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