“You’ve Got Mail!”
(I actually did this craft when my girls were younger but and it is a still a favorite around here!)
My girls LOVE getting mail – what kid doesn’t?  And now they can get mail daily.

Things you will need:
– A large box (I am recycling a detergent box)
– paint
– kid-friendly glue
– ribbon, stickers, rhinestones, any items to decorate, etc.
– a box cutter
– fastner

1. Clean out the box well. I left the box open for easy access to taking out the mail. Cut a slit in the top of the box large enough for envelopes.
2. Paint your box (we chose blue because Abby told me the post office box is blue.)
3. After the paint dries, hand your kids the glue and let them decorate.
4. You may also add a flag using a fastner and red paint.

Everyday at naptime (you know, that time when I put my kids in their room but napping never happens!) the mail lady (me) comes and delivers either stickers, learning worksheets, coloring sheets of their favorite characters (thank you PBS.com, Noggin.com & Nickelodeon.com). Abby & Emma also make cards that they put in the mailbox which I mail out. It is a lot of fun to see their excitement when checking their mailbox every day.

Hope you have fun with today’s craft – “You’ve Got Mail”.