Okay ladies send this link to your husbands so they can get busy helping the kids make an easy & adorable Mother’s Day craft.

“I love you bunches, Mommy”
(this is a sweet Mother’s Day card made by your little ones fingerprints)

You will need:
Purple paint or green paint (I used acrylic)
Marker or Pen

1. Fold the paper in half to make the card.
2. Dip your child’s fingertip in the paint and have them place the finger on the front of the card
3. Help your child place their fingertips in the shape of grapes (like an upside down tear-drop shape)

4.  Time to wash up!  and wait for the paint to dry.
5. Once the paint is dry, you can draw or paint a stem, leaves & a curly vine.  And now you can write Happy Mother’s Day on the front

6.  And now you can write on the inside “I/We love you bunches!”

7.  If your child can write their name, let them sign the card.
(we are using our card as a birthday card so this card is perfect for other occasions as well.)

And you have an adorable Mother’s Day card that was literally “hand-made” which are the best kind of cards!

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Wishing all of you mothers out there a Very Happy Mother’s Day!!!