Welcome to another edition of Missy’s Craft Corner at Multiples…. and More!
Halloween is only 7 days away so I decided to do one last Halloween craft.
Kids love painting, getting messy and having fun! And this craft has it all!


Fun & Festive Feet Paintings

You will need:
garbage bags
Black & White washable paint
White & Black paper
Paint brush
Crayons & Markers

***Before we got started, I decided to do the craft in my daughters’ bathroom. I filled up their tub with warm water for easy cleaning. (I try to avoid a huge paint mess when I can!)

1. Cut up garbage bags and place them on the floor.
2. Let your child decide on the bat or the ghosts design.
3. Have your child sit on the floor.

4. For the bat, paint one foot black and turn the paper so your child’s heel will be in the center of the page. Now paint the other foot and now turn the page again so this heel overlaps the other one.

For the ghost, paint one foot white and have your child place their foot anywhere on the page and repeat.

5. Allow the paint to dry and let your child rinse off their feet.
6. After the paint is dry, let your child draw the faces on the ghosts and bat.
We added a few extras to their drawings – my girls said their pictures were not scary enough.

Now your child has their very own Halloween painting by using their feet!

I hope all of you have a Safe & Happy Halloween!