I recently did this craft with my daughters’ classrooms for their Pumpkin Day and all the kids had a great time. They turned out so cute, I decided to share it. 

Paper Bag Pumpkin

You will need:
Brown Paper Bag
Orange & Green Paint
Brown construction paper
Green ribbon

1. Open the brown bag and insert your hand inside.  Instruct your child to paint the bag orange – leaving 1 inch at the top unpainted.  Paint the top of the bag green.  Let it dry. 

2. Now, paint the inside (1 inch of the top) bag green too.  Let it dry.  When it dries, stuff the bag with newspaper.

3.  Cut a 2 – 3 inch wide strip of brown construction paper.  Now roll it up.  This will be the stem.

4.  Now cut strips in the green portion on the bag to make leaves.

5.  Lastly, gather the bag where the green & orange paints, now tie the green ribbon loosely around the bag.  Insert the brown stem.  Now tighten the ribbon and tie in a knot.

Enjoy your little pumpkins!