With Easter on a few days away, I thought I would post a super cute Easter craft!  I hope you all enjoy this one.  You know I love to use things that we have just lying around for my crafts and this crafts definitely fits in that category!

Sock Bunnies
Level of Ease: 5 stars (Super Easy)
Level of Fun: 5 stars (My daughters rated this one)

You will need:
Children socks (you finally have a use for those that are missing it’s pair)
Glue (we used Elmer’s)
Foam paper (white & pink)
Rice or Beans (we used rice)
Rubber bands
A Funnel

1. My daughters rounded up all of their socks that were missing it’s pair and then they chose which color bunnies they wanted to make.  (They chose pale pink, chocolate, purple & white)
2.  Next, we placed a funnel in the sock and filled it with rice.  You will want to fill it up just past the heel.

Pouring the rice was their favorite part!
3. Then, I placed a rubber band where the rice ended.  (Make sure your rubber band is tied tight)

4.  Tie a ribbon just below the heel dividing the sock making it’s head & body

5.  Cut the cuff of the sock in half and then cut angles on each half to form 2 bunny ears.

6.  Next, using a sharpie make the eyes.
7.  Cut your foam paper to make a nose and teeth – now attach with glue
8.  Lastly, add a pom-pom on for it’s tail.  And allow to dry.

How cute!!!
***Warning: I have chosen to use these as Easter decorations only rather than toys because they are filled with rice which my daughters could swallow or it is possible that if played with the rice could spill out. 
My daughters love their Sock Bunnies & they had a great time making them!

Sock Bunnies are a fun and cute way to decorate your home for Easter and to get your children involved in helping decorate!

 Wishing you all a Happy Easter!!!