Hi, welcome to Missy’s Craft Corner – I will be sharing some easy, fun & child-friendly crafts with you all.

Thank you cards – I love to send them and receive them. Sometimes I feel that Thank You cards are losing their popularity. So today, I decided to teach my girls the importance saying “Thank You” in the form of a card.

Thank You Cards with a personal touch

You will need:
Markers, crayons, paint
(any type of craft supplies)
Photo of your child(ren)

1. Explain to your child(ren) why you are saying thanks. Today, we sent thank-you notes to a few friends & family members who sent my daughters some recent birthday presents.

2. Lay out all the art supplies and begin.
3. I folded a plain, white sheet of paper in half for making a card.

4. I taped the picture of my daughters to the card and let them decorate it with paper frames and stickers.

5. Next, my daughters wrote Thanks on the card using stickers.

**** My daughters are 4 years old so they found the letters “THANKS” in stickers and let them stick them to the card. You can make this card with your child at any age – you can help a younger child attach the stickers, or older children can make their own.

6. Inside, I wrote a personal thank you note.

7. I let my daughters decorate the card with drawings of flowers, hearts and stickers. Then they wrote their name.
8. And lastly, enjoy the big smiles on your little ones faces because they are so proud of what they have made!

Do not worry if the card is not perfect because the person receiving the card will definitely LOVE the thought behind it including the keepsake picture. Thank you cards are so great but adding a personal touch definitely makes it that much more special.

I hope you all enjoyed the craft today! Feel free to stop by my blog – Two Little Monkeys and check out a few of my favorite crafts!