A generation of boys and girls have grown up enjoying Wikki Stix, the first-ever line of colorful, moldable sticks that can be used to create anything a child can dream up. Made and manufactured in the USA, the unique food grade, non-toxic wax and acrylic yarn formula was designed to stimulate a child’s imagination without parental concern over safety or clean-up. Wikki Stix stick to each other and to just about any surface, but they come off as easily as they go on and leave no mess behind. They do not contain lead, latex, peanut or nut oils. Unlike imitators in the marketplace, which are mostly made overseas, top-ranked Wikki Stix have always been proudly made in America.

The soft, pliable material and engaging play makes Wikki Stix ideal for toddlers, pre-schoolers, middle school kids and children with special needs. The company produces a wide selection of educational activity kits, including alphabet cards, number cards, counting cards and shape cards, create-a-card kits, seasonal and holiday activities, birthday party activities, story books, restaurant and treasure chest units and more.

President Kem Clark knows that any successful, long-standing product line has to evolve to stay on top. The company continues to expand its selection. Today, in addition to its standard play kits, Wikki Stix carry a complete line of classroom activity kits to help teachers educate children in science, math, social studies, geography, language arts and development, and even bible history. Teachers can purchase bulk packs starting at just $15.95. Lesson plans with hands on involvement and little to no cleanup can be found at www.wikkistix.com.

Clark says, “Wikki Stix turn a “nothing to do” day into a “look what I made!” day.” Clark is so confident in her product there is a 100% money-back guarantee. She even goes as far as to offer an exchange program of sorts. If you purchased a knockoff that does not work, visit the Wikki Stix Facebook page to see how you can get your hands on the original at a discounted rate.

For children with special needs, such as Autism or ADHD, Wikki Stix are a multi-sensory and tactile activity that can be used to engage and help them in a myriad of ways. Playing with Wikki Stix can be calming and may assist with focus and attention, cognitive development and strengthening fine motor skills. The activity may also encourage verbal and social interaction when children create with Wikki Stix alongside a parent, friend or classmate. Additionally, they are an outstanding tool to build a child’s self-esteem. Simple to peel up and reposition, Wikki Stix foster a play environment that is mistake-proof and endless – there is no right or wrong way to play and the sky is the limit on what can be created. If a child is not happy with the end result, simply unroll and start again.

Furthermore, there is no better “take along” activity than Wikki Stix to keep a child entertained while dining out, during a special event, or traveling. They are great for keeping energetic kids occupied during long airline flights and car rides. With kits at all price points ($3-$95) and in varying sizes (standard eight-inch or super three-foot) there is truly something to fit every need. Since Wikki Stix are reusable and made to be played with again and again, they are a smart choice for families on a budget looking for high-value toys and activities with longevity.

Wikki Stix products are sold at hundreds of retailers in every U.S. state and consumers can do a search by state on the website. The products are available internationally in Canada, Spain, Japan, Italy, England, Australia and France and online at www.wikkistix.com

Have you tried Wikki Stix with your children?