Welcoming a new baby is an exciting occasion for a majority of people. No matter who you are, it is not uncommon to feel a little bit of anxiety around the joyous ordeal as well. One child may make you anxious enough -now multiply that feeling times two or three (or more!) and then you start to get close to what it’s like to hear that you will be expecting multiples. There are many great things about having twins or triplets -but that also comes with its own specific obstacles and tribulations. For that, many parents would agree that you may benefit from finding a parenting book specifically directed for multiples.

Multiples Illuminated: Life with Twins and Triplets, the Toddler to Tween Years is a hilarious and informative collective for any parent dealing with multiples. It is defiantly a book I’d recommend to any parent. Filled with a collection of personal anecdotes as well as interactive content, this is must-read for anyone that feels a little jittery about their pregnancy.

This book highlights and addresses many of the common dilemmas any new parent would face. People criticizing your parenting strategies, invading your personal space, and offering unwarranted advice are some of the things that come up, just to name a few. The authors take these infuriating events and spin them in a fun manner that entertain you as a reader while really making you feel more secure about the whole situation.

The book opens up with some activities to determine if you are “ready for multiples.” I won’t give away the content, but just know that this was easily my favorite portion of the book. If nothing else, any expecting parent should do this -I can guarantee that you will feel better after it and have a smile on your face. When reading this, I truly get the impression that this book is here to help you instead of making you feel like you’re not doing enough.

Unlike some other parenting books out there, I believe that this one gives a real perspective. This is not going to be one of those books that offer intense “life hacks” or advertise the “perfect” lifestyle that end up making you feel like a bad parent. Instead, the book really tells you what to expect, even when the reality isn’t so glamorous. Sometimes kids cry and you can’t do anything to stop them. Sometimes, parents need regular breaks from their kids. Sometimes, even moms will have problems telling twins apart. This doesn’t make you a bad parent, this just makes you human. I think this book offers great pieces of advice that all parents need to here, but seldom ever do.

Considering that a majority of this book is several different writers telling their personal experiences with their multiples, I think this book offers many different perspectives for readers. While a lot of these stories refer to funny shenanigans, there are several points where the stories take a serious tone. The book’s perspective is not limited to one family situation or even one parenting style, and that makes it even easier for you to find a story that resonates. For even support in finding you the right connection, it even conveniently offers further resources where you can get advice for parents in your situation.

I have nothing but praise for Multiples Illuminated: Life with Twins and Triplets, the Toddler to Tween Years. It is truly the perfect book for anyone expecting multiples in their lives. I think the writing style and clever activities keep it exciting and an easy read. It won’t try to limit you to a single parenting perspective or condone you for not reaching unrealistic standards. I would highly recommend this book as I believe it is certainly the type of parenting book you will learn from without feeling like you’re reading a textbook.

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