My girls are getting over their sickies this week, and I’m also recovering…from a long week at jury duty! So for this month’s Multiples in the Kitchen post, I’m going to show you an oldie-but-goodie from my blog, inspired by an annual Thanksgiving craft my girls created at preschool – Apple Turkeys!

Here’s how to make them:

  • Apples
  • Knife (for a grown-up to use if your kiddo’s skills/age aren’t there yet) and a cutting board
  • Lettuce: Use something with narrower leaves with a thick stalk. We found this duo of red and green “artisan” lettuce at TJs. Romaine would work too.
  • Or instead of lettuce, you can use colorful candies that can be poked with a toothpick, such as marshmallows and gumdrops, or you could be healthier and use dried fruit.
  • Toothpicks
  • Scratch paper to make a template for the head.
  • Paper to make the head and hat. Scraps are great.
  • Glue, Scissors

Directions: Cut out the template for the head on scratch paper. Keep in mind the size of your apples and keep it proportionate. I shaped their heads simply, like a butternut squash. I have one facing front, and one facing to the side. Then trace onto your paper and cut two pieces.

Put glue on each head and sandwich a toothpick in between.

Cut out the hats in a contrasting color. I just free-handed a pilgrim hat. Ok it looks like a top hat. I also used a small hole punch for the eyes, and a scrap of yellow for the beak.

You can make the turkey heads ahead of time. Wait til the day of if you’re using lettuce, or the night before if you’re using candy.

Cut your apple along the side, at an angle so the apple doesn’t roll around.

For the lettuce tails, stick a toothpick through the stalk as straight-down as possible and insert into the apple. Kids may find candies easier to work with.

Poke the head onto the apple towards the front. All done!