One of the things that I never thought that I would do when I found out that I was having triplets was make my own baby food for them. In fact, a friend of mine suggest I do this for them while I was still pregnant with them and I out right laughed in her face.

Not my most graceful moment but at the time, making my own baby food seemed ridiculous. I was going to have triplets. How in the world would I have the time to make my own baby food? Besides, I am not really that kind of mom. Meaning that I don’t think breast feeding is best, I don’t feed my kids organic foods, I let them eat candy, I let them watch too much TV, etc. Basically, the name of the way I mother is what ever is easiest is what I do. And I thought that nothing would be easier than opening a jar of baby food and serving it to my triplets.

But I have to admit that I was curious. I wondered what making my own baby food was all about. I actually listen to people talk about it, instead of poo, pooing it. I did some research online. I talked with my husband and I came to the conclusion that it would be just as easy to make my own baby food as it was to open a jar.

So that is what we did. My husband and I made all our own baby food for our kids. This was one of the best decision that I could have made for my kids. There were three major reasons why we chose to do this.

  1. When you make your own baby food, the food you serve your baby actually tastes like the vegetable or fruit and not just some watered down version. Plus you know exactly what is in there because you are controlling the ingredients.
  2. The texture is closer to that of actual food so the transition to pieces of solid food it easy. Kids will not turn their noses up to vegetables and fruit once self feeding starts because they are used to the tastes and textures of these foods because they have been eating this from day one. At least this is my experience with my own kids and that of my friends.
  3. The cost. The cost alone is, in my book, a huge reason to think about making your own food, especially if you are a mother or multiples. For example, we estimate that a 6 week supply of baby food, the national best selling brand, would cast about $50. The same supply of home made baby food, using frozen, canned and fresh fruit and veggies, would cost about $20. See, less than half the price! Now who doesn’t like saving money?

I must say that the whole process was really, really easy. We used to take one Saturday morning a month and make all the food that the kids would need. Here is what we did.

First, gather your supplies.

I like using frozen veggies and canned fruit (in lite syrup) when I couldn’t get fresh. And since the babies started eating this food in the winter, frozen worked great.

Another supply is ice cube trays. These are how you freeze the food. One cube equals one serving.

Next you want to cook the vegetables and fruit to a soft consistency.
(If using canned, just pour into a bowl or food processor or blender for mixing.)

Blend, Mix, Puree, Go Baby Go.

This was Jeff’s favorite part. I would cook and he would Puree.

And Viola….. Home made Baby Food!

Confused by the bags? Well, all this food was made for my sister and her son. She came over for a lesson in baby food making and had to take the end product back home. Bags are much easier to transport then ice cube trays, trust me. See, They Love It!

I found two books that were really helpful resources. These books were my baby food making Bible’s. Go Check them out (just like the image for the link).

I would really urge you to consider this process if you have a child or children close to eating solid foods. It is really worth it! And if I can do it, then so can you.