“Breakfast in a Cup” is an easy breakfast or brunch that you and the kids can make for holiday visitors.

I got this idea from Martha Stewart, with the sweet version coming from The Gab Housewife Chronicles. Everyone gets an individual savory or sweet cup, and there are lots of variations possible. For the savory kind, you can use whatever you’d put in an omelette or eat with a fried or poached egg (like eggs benedict…mmmm), while for the sweet version, you can add what you’d use in French toast, like fruits or even chocolate chips.

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F. Gather your ingredients for the savory cups: Eggs, bread, butter or spray, and fillings (we used ham and sauteed spinach). You’ll also need a 6-cup or 12-cup muffin pan…

…and something to cut out a round shape in the bread (we used rice bowls).

Spray your muffin pan with oil or brush with butter. Then push the round bread shape into the muffin pan. If you get any big holes, just press the bread back together or use the scraps to fill them up. Keep the scraps for the sweet cups!

Add filling to the bottom of your “crust”.

And add your egg. I gave them the option of cracking their eggs either in a bowl or directly into the pan.

Sophie also opted to beat her eggs.

Pour your egg into the bread, if necessary. It might ooze over to the sides or a neighboring muffin cup. No biggie.

The girls look satisfied! Bake for 20-25 minutes, until the egg whites look set.

While those baked, we started on the sweet version (you can also do both the savory and sweet at the same time). Crack 3 eggs into a flat dish and add the bread scraps. Add milk, cinnamon, and brown sugar. Sorry I don’t have measurements…it was all eye-balled.

Fill up another muffin pan with the soaked bread and filling. We used cut-up strawberries (miraculously, they are still available at our farmer’s market and still sweet). Bake for 15-20 minutes.

Yay the eggs are done!

Here’s one of the omelette-style ones, with the spinach and ham filling.

When the sweet ones cooled, we sifted powdered sugar over them.

Let’s Eat!

Here’s the inside of a sweet one…they were so good, we forgot the maple syrup!

Yes, there was a costume change while we cooked. They got egg all over themselves! Remember to wash your kiddos’ hands after they handle eggs, and that they understand they cannot lick their fingers when they have eggs on their hands.

The girls can’t wait to make this for Grandma and Grandpa on Christmas morning. Wishing you all a Happy, Yummy, and Fun Holiday!