I can’t believe my girls finished their first year of preschool last week! The school had a little party after a cute singing performance by the kids (“Slippery fish, slippery fish” is now in my head) and we brought these Little Fruit Skewers to share at the party.

They have been loving the farmer’s market each weekend and their hands-down favorite fruit has been their big plump juicy sweet strawberries.

So I halved some strawberries and sliced up some bananas. As I shopped for the pretzel sticks I made sure to find the longest and skinniest ones for optimal skewering. The skewers were finished off at the ends with marshmallows.

The last day of school started an hour later so we got up at the usual time to make the skewers. It did takes some concentration at first, but each of my girls figured out their own ways to make them.

The first two!
All done.

The girls were very proud as they put the plate of fruit skewers on the table, and were even more proud when the teachers ooh-ed and ahh-ed at their creations. And the kids (and some adults) gobbled them up…I think you can bribe anyone to eat fruit if there are marshmallows involved! And the salty pretzel stick went great with the sweet fruit.

Try them with other firm but skewerable fruit such as melon and other berries.