I am pretty sure that it is safe to say that summer is upon us.
Playing outside all day, swimming, frog hunting, and having a few yummy treats.
Its just not summer without a good popsicle.

But there is just one problem with popsicles and young kids, they melt so quickly in the hot summer heat, that more popsicle ends up on their little bodies than in their mouths.

So when I saw a recipe in Kraft Food and Family magazine for no drip popsicles, I knew that I had to try them to see if this could even be true.

So I gathered my kid and multiples and we got cooking.

First thing that we did was puree one cup of fresh strawberries.
If you don’t have fresh frozen will work too.

Then we took one 3oz package of strawberry Jello and made it according to package directions.

Once the Jello is dissolved, you add the strawberries and 2/3 cup of strawberry Kool Aid mix.
And then stir it all up.

When everything is mixed together, you are going to pour it into paper cups.

Just a hint here, I used the size that they suggested
in the recipe but I would recommend using a much smaller size.
Like the size of those cup that are traditionally
used in the bathroom. I think they would be perfect.

Once all the mixture is in the cups, it is time to add the popsicle sticks and get them in the freezer. The sticks didn’t want to stand up so we covered each cup with tinfoil and poked a hole in the middle to keep the sticks up right.

Now its time for the pops to do some chillin’ in the freezer.
It is best to keep them in there over night.

Then the next day or in our case a couple days later because I forgot they were in the freezer, you can enjoy them.

And just so that you know, they were true to their name.
There were no drips and Claire’s white shirt actually stayed white.

For the official recipe click here.
Hope you enjoy them as much as we did.