In our house, Saturday mornings mean pancakes. I don’t remember exactly when or how it started but it has been going on for so long that now that if we don’t make pancakes on Saturdays, the kids don’t think its Saturday and there are huge fits.

Now, I am not the pancake maker in our house. This has been Jeff’s baby from the beginning and mainly because, he has taken making pancakes to a whole new level.

But before Jeff can make the fancy pancakes, he needs to make the batter and that is where the kids get involved.

Jeff’s pancakes are actually little works of art. Each pancake has a different design on it that each kid gets to choose a design. The standard favorites are a rocket, a jet, a butterfly and whatever Hayden’s obsession is that week. Lately, its been Pokemon.

But I think that by far my favorite pancakes are the holiday ones.


We have pumpkins for Fall.

Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Bunnies and Eggs for Easter

Fireworks and Flags for the 4th of July

And of course, we can’t talk about holidays without mentioning Christmas

(In case you were curious, the bottom right pancake is a rocket because well,
Jake loves rockets and no pancake day is complete without a rocket.)

See, these are not your momma’s pancakes. Well, they are at least not my pancakes. So I bet now after seeing this, you want to know how.
Never fear, Jeff will show you.
First, mix up some pancakes. Jeff uses a batter that all you have to do is add water. He could not say how this would work for a ‘real’ batter. That doesn’t mean that you can’t try it. The batter just has to be thick.
Next, separate some of the batter into smaller bowls. Today we are going to make 2 colors, orange and green. There is nothing special here just make the batter what ever color you want.

Mix in those colors. This is where the kids can help. Let those little hands stir.

Then put the colored batter into plastic bags aka piping bags.

Once the batter is in the bag push it to one corner of the bag. When it is in the corner, you will then cut the tip off the corner of the bag to pipe the colored batter onto the hot grill.

Here just watch for yourselves.

(If you can’t see the video and want to, here is a link to the original post it was from.)

Here they are cooking away. I bet you are all just a twitter with anticipation as to what they will look like. The kids can’t wait to see them. No wait, they can’t wait to eat them.

Ta-Dah! Pumpkin pancakes!
One tip from Jeff, before you put the white batter over the design/color, make sure that the design has set or the color can run into the white.

So there you have it. A new and fun way to make pancakes.

Dear Fellow Multiple and More Community Members,

I have an idea that I want to talk to you about. You have seen me make posts about how to get your kids in the kitchen and cooking. I LOVE doing this but I thought that maybe, I am not the only one who likes this.

So if you like to cook with your kids and want to make a post about it, let me know. I will post it here on one of my regular feature days.

Have fun, be creative and get your multiples in the kitchen.

If you are interested in making a post to share about cooking with your multiples, please contact me via Email or Twitter.