Hello! I hope you have all had a super week. This week I welcome Emma to be our Featured Twin blogger of the week. Emma is twin mum to twin boys and her blog is “My Twinsane Life.

Why did you start your blog?

Being a twin mom is amazing journey filled with so much love and joy. It can also be overwhelming and at times very isolating. The struggle of having two at once is unique and sometimes it’s hard for others to understand. I decided to write a blog as an outlet for myself and to offer support to other parents. In my posts, I try to capture what overwhelms me while also sharing what brings me joy. Writing this blog pushes me to stay positive, which helps me be a better mom.

Where you surprised to discover you were having twins?

My husband and I struggled with fertility so we knew it was a possibility. That being said, we were still surprised! There was a time we worried we may might not be able to have children and now we were having two! I think I felt every emotion you can feel at one time when I got the news.

How did you discover you were having twins?

I found out on my own, at an appointment with our fertility doctor. Had I known that was the appointment where I would learn I was having twins, I would have brought someone with me. I called my husband in tears. Luckily my mom came to see me shortly after my appointment and offered me support and encouragement.

How did you Announce to your families and friends you were having Twins?

We announced it at my husband’s birthday party. We were so excited to share our news with the people we love most. We also did a special announcement picture. My husband’s family has been in the moving business for almost 100 years. Five generations of our family have worked for the family business and Miles and Henry could be the sixth!

Twin blogger My Twinsane life

What was your pregnancy like?

It was very difficult for me. I had terrible morning sickness and could barely eat anything during the first trimester. At 23 weeks, the doctor was afraid the babies were going to come early and placed me on bed rest. I was so worried the babies would come out early and would struggle. However I ended up on bed rest for almost 4 months and the boys came out happy and healthy at 38 weeks. Being on bed rest was tough but I am so grateful every day that the boys came out when they did.

What is the best advice for new parents of multiples?

You can do it! Take it one step at a time, ask for help when you need it and try not to compare yourself to other moms. Our journey is unique. It can be very stressful and also very special.

What is your favorite blog post you want to share post you want to share?

My first post, “Twin Guilt, Twin Love and Becoming a Superhero” is my favorite. It’s my favorite because it captures the essence of my first year as a twin mom. It’s also important to me because it helped me. I was struggling when I wrote this post and writing it reminded me how capable I am. It reminded me what I went through to get to where I am. I am proud of my struggles, my successes and most of all of my amazing twins!