It’s been a year now that I’ve been a part of this club.

This “Mom of Multiples” or “Twin Mom” club.

I liken this first year of raising twins to an extreme and intense year long boot-camp, only made more difficult and challenging by also raising a 3 year old boy.

When February 10th came along and these two little boys joined us, life sped up to near light-speed and never slowed back down.

There were many highs and many lows, especially those first 4 months. Nobody could have prepared me for those first 4 months. It was intense and not fun to be honest, it was the hardest 4 months of my life.

The first 4 months went something like this:

  • High: You’re here! You’ve arrived, you are healthy and don’t need the NICU!
  • Low: Four days later, you are both admitted to the NICU.
  • High: Camden comes home!
  • Low: Christian stays for awhile longer.
  • High: We are all home together!
  • Low: Breastfeeding two babies at the same time with nipple shields and who both have reflux.
  • High: I’m breastfeeding TWINS! I’m supermom!
  • Low: I’m not sleeping because I’m breastfeeding twins.
  • High: Both off the nipple shield!
  • Low: Camden, you’re killin’ me with that poor latch dude!
  • High: Camden’s tongue is clipped, and ahhhh……
  • Low: I’m not sleeping because I’m breastfeeding twins and I’m an emotional wreck.
  • High: Hubby offers to have me pump the night sessions, and sleep on the couch while they sleep in the swings and he bottle feeds.
  • Low: They won’t sleep anywhere but the swings.
  • High: Hubby does this for 2 weeks and I feel like superwoman!
  • Low: Hubby isn’t sleeping because he’s bottle feeding twins all night.
  • High: People are bringing us dinner every night!
  • Low: I can’t remember the last several weeks…..
  • High: People are cleaning my house!
  • Low: Breastmilk supply dwindles and even with the help of the LC I can’t get it back up….
  • High: Thank goodness for all that pumped milk!
  • Low: Two babies drink a lot of milk, that went quick.
  • High: People are coming over to hold babies so I can shower!
  • Low: I’m done breastfeeding and my milk storage is gone. I’m not superwoman, I’m a failure.
  • High: I breastfed twins for 4 plus months while raising a 3 year old at home! I’m supermom!
  • Low: Babies still won’t sleep anywhere but the swings
  • High: Hubby stays home for literally two months helping me.
  • Low: Hubby goes back to work
  • High: I have the cutestboys in the world. Hands down.
  • Low: I’m exhausted, and grumpy and feel isolated.
  • High: They are sleeping in their cribs!!!
  • Low: I miss breastfeeding.
  • High: I have the best friends in the world.
  • Low: I miss my friends.
  • Seriously.

But then the sun started to crest the mountains, and peek overthe edge…and we could see the light!

At 6 months my husband and I looked at each other and said, “I think we’re living again”

We found a rhythm, a new normal, a schedule and we had a flow to our days.

So we now live in organized chaos and it feels normal.

I’ve learned to eat while babies cry, because I might not eat otherwise.

I’ve learned to bathe, dry and dress all 3 boys alone.

I’ve learned to pick up both boys and put them to bed at the same time.

I’ve learned to shower during naps and not waste a moment of it.

I’ve learned how to keep up on laundry and dishes (for the most part)

and how to have time with just Jack and just Trevor.

And just me and God.

I’ve learned that I am Superwoman and I’m married to Superman and we have the best, most beautiful boys in the world and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Not my c-section scar, my stretch marks or extra flap of skin.

Not my tired eyes, or my sweats-almost-everyday attire.

As they start to toddle around the house, and learn to talk and eat me out of my house….follow their big brother around and beg for hugs….

I’m reminded of what a special club I’m in, this twin mom club.

And I’m blessed.

 Krystle aka The Mommy of 3 Little Men & a Mommy: I’m a stay at home mama to three boys. Jack who is 3 1/2 and Camden and Christian who are fraternal twins and they turn 1 in February! I’m married to my best friend who is the Worship Pastor at our church in Southern Oregon. I blog about life as a Mom of boys, a Mom of multiples, a stay at home Mom, a Pastor’s Wife and I love to share what God is doing in my heart and in my life.