The Crazies turn three today…THREE.  That means they’re about to embark on their fourth September on this Earth.

I love September.  Maybe it’s because I love getting new clothes.  Maybe it’s the teacher in me.  Who knows?  All I know is that I wanted to review the Crazies’ Septembers and see how far they’ve come.  After all, being born in August, Septembers are their true first month in their years.

This may go back to the whole “it gets easier” thing that used to irritate me so much.  It’s doesn’t irritate me anymore because now I know it’s true.

Here is a look back at our Septembers…

1st September: 

Their main mode of transportation was my arms, but when they weren’t being haplessly cradled there, they were in their oh-so-light infant carriers or our 45-pound double stroller…really great for a woman weakened by a multiple pregnancy, right?

Their main source of sustenance was the boob…or was it?  I wasn’t producing enough, so this was the month where I realized I was failing them miserably in this department…bring on the lactation consultant and formula supplements!

Their main events were short walks around the neighborhood, a doctor’s appointment (at which Mommy sobbed because she realized Hailey had gained 5 ounces in a month), a very hesitant drive around town because Mommy hadn’t driven for months, a trip out to a store, and their very first playdate with kid-friends (of which Mommy has NO memory).

Their abilities consisted of lifting their heads for short periods of time and smiling (yes, probably gas, but I was hanging by a thread, alright???).

My feelings consisted of pure failure to do anything right, annoyance at a rash on my own body (very PUPPPs like) that just wouldn’t quit, the remnants of sciatica that killed me every time one of those infant carriers smashed into my thighs, no recognition of REM sleep, and the worst memory on Earth.  Oh, and my body image?  Let’s not even get into that.  I just kept wondering if this would ever feel like everyone said it would…where was my elation?  Where was my happiness?  Where was my unending joy?  I just felt overwhelmed.


2nd September:

Their main mode of transportation was their hands and knees, their feet, and anything they could push around…including Dog.  They were still sporting the double stroller, but a lighter leaner model.  We hadn’t turned them around in their car seats yet due to low weight…yup…still feeling guilty about the whole “boob not working” thing.

Their main food source was baby food with some solids mixed in.  They were on milk by the time their 1st birthday rolled around.

Some of their events consisted of a neighborhood dinner party, their first beach vacation to Ocean City, NJ, a weekly Kindermu.sik class at which they socialized and had lots of fun.  We also had their first bloody head injury thanks to Matt whose enthusiasm knows no bounds.

The Crazies’ abilities consisted of walking, smiling, laughing, playing with instruments, chewing, yelling, getting into trouble, and playing somewhat independently.

My feelings were in a much better place.  I had a weekend away with friends.  I could really start to see these little babies turn into children and it was so much fun to watch.  Better yet, they were FUNNY and I loved to watch them start to interact…this was what I had been waiting for.  I still wasn’t happy with my body, but it was getting better.

3rd September:

Well, their main mode of transportation are those little legs that just won’t quit.  When they must be contained, it’s still the double stroller (especially in the mall), double grocery carts (whoever invented them is a genius), and their car seats (forward facing by now).  Let’s face it though…these kids want to walk everywhere.  This makes parking lots very interesting, but we’ve learned to cope…somewhat.

Their eating is out of control.  They are very particular about what they want and don’t want and have no problem telling Mommy.  They love milk.  We have introduced “special treats” at the end of well-eaten meals (especially if something new was tried).

The Crazies had lots of special events this month.  They started their first preschool program and loved it.  They were a little hesitant at first, but Mommy used the band-aid method and it worked like a charm (give hugs and kisses and walk out of the room as fast as you can without looking back).  They had another beach vacation and loved to play in the ocean this year.  They were on the local news where Mommy was interviewed about fertility treatments (thank God for those, huh?).  We also started planning for our first airplane trip…what fun!

By now, abilities are too many to mention.  Drawing and coloring has been introduced, so that’s been really fun.  Play-do.h is another great thing to do for a while.  They started saying “uh-oh!” whenever something was amiss in the house…whether it be a gate left open, a door ajar, or someone falling down…it was “uh-oh!”  They also started to show sympathy for each other…too cute.  We also had our first stomach bug…gross.

Mommy was recovering from knee surgery, so the feelings were mostly helplessness, frustration, and anger.  I tried my best to let others help, but it’s just not my nature.  I hated not being able to carry my own children down the stairs.  I got a little teary when I left them at preschool…something I thought I’d never do.

4th September:

Running…all they do is run.

Everything…they eat everything.

New program in preschool will start this month.  Hailey will start her second round of dance class too.  We still have to find something for Matt, but it will come along…

Think they can do everything and even if they can’t, will give it a whirl.

I can’t even start to describe my feelings.  Beyond loving these two Crazies, I actually like them.  They’re funny, entertaining, thoughtful, sweet, naughty, loving, and such a natural part of my life.  There are times when it’s trying…there are two children at the same developmental level, wanting the same exact thing from me, at the same exact time.  Or they want something so different from the other that I’m sure to let one down…I call this “teaching coping skills.”  I can’t make everyone happy nor will I die trying.  I love being around them and I love letting them go.  They make me proud every single day.

So, pray for me…I am now the mother of two 3-year olds…I’m screwed.

Come visit us to say Happy Birthday if you’re in the mood (or not too tired from reading my diatribe)!!