Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

The Baby Fish: Creative And Intuitive

Pisces, the last water sign, is a highly compassionate and empathetic human being. They are known for being dreamers with deep emotions and boundless creativity. They enjoy fantasy and have a good time when witnessing magical and mysterious experiences. 

Children born under this sign are highly sensitive and affectionate. Pisces babies need lots of cuddles, so they feel secure. They are also highly intuitive and will pick it any tension they feel around them. Parents of Piscean kids need to learn how to manage their stress effectively, so they shield their sensitive children from intense energies. 

Pisces kids are kind and gentle. You should encourage your Pisces child to paint, draw, and just play games that allow them to be expressive at their own pace. Building imagination and creativity also helps kids become good problem-solvers in the future.

Your Pisces child can be a heavy over thinker and need a lot of encouragement as they can doubt themselves at times. Push them to follow their instincts, which will help them become more confident when making decisions later in life. 

Pisces baby

Pisces Twins and Multiples: 

These kids will have interesting conversations as they go into in-depth spiritual exploration. They might talk to their siblings or their imaginary friends, and that should be OK. Having more than one Pisces at home means they will support one another in cases where no one else can see what they see. Be open to what they tell you, and you will foster an excellent long term relationship with them. 

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