You’re pregnant with multiples congratulations! Once the shock wears off, many pregnant women go into “planning mode.” Before you run out and spend a bunch of money, though, I wanted to share some tips that I learned from having identical twins (when my son was only 2 years old!). I know many of our veteran moms here at Multiples & More will weigh in with their own advice, too.

  • You don’t need two of most items: One of the first things you’ll see in the pregnancy books is that you need two of everything, but ask any twin/triplet mom–you don’t! Obviously, at some point you will need multiple cribs, but you don’t have to start out that way. For now, spend your money on what’s absolutely necessary, and hold off as long as you can on multiple highchairs and other older-baby items.
  • Borrow or Buy Used: You may be able to borrow exersaucers, pack & plays, and other large gear from family members or friends. Don’t forget about yard sale and Craigslist shopping for finding these big-ticket items at much better prices. Don’t be afraid of hand-me-downs or buying used clothing; while that may not sound appealing now, you’ll feel differently with multiple babies needing changes four times a day!
  • Look for twin/triplet discounts: When purchasing multiple carseats or cribs at the big baby stores, be sure and ask for a multiples discount. Many stores won’t advertise it, but a quick conversation with the manager may give you 10-25% off your purchase. Ask friends and family to save coupons for you.
  • Join a support group: Joining your local multiples group can actually save you quite a bit of money! Besides the verbal and social support, you’ll have a group of moms who either giveaway or sell their children’s items at a discount, moms interested in trading babysitting, and lots of referrals to services you’ll need (from home repair to doctors to store sales).

Moms of multiples, what advice do you have for the pregnant moms out there?