Who doesn’t like a good fairy tale? Fairy tales are stories all kids grow up listening too and while the history of fairy tales are another blog post altogether, I wanted to share with you a new launch of stories inspired to empower girls.

Queen Girls - Stories of real women turned into fairy tales!

‘Often times, classic stories highlight the strength, courage and skills of men while female characters are often stereotyped or one-dimensional. Did you know that 57% of children’s books have male protagonists, while 31% are female?[*1] We believe that we should be telling different stories to our children’ #queengirls

The founders of Queens Girls have created a collection of stories to inspire girls to follow their dreams and envision them as possible. This is the reason why the Queen Girl’s fairy tales are based on stories of real women stories.

The first fairy tale is ‘Bessie, Queen of the Sky’ inspired by the story of Bessie Coleman, the first African American woman to hold a pilot’s license. The book will be available in English and Spanish.

‘When Bessie was growing up, no one could have imagined that a girl from a humble family would get out of the cotton fields and become a pilot. But with the help of her best friend Bloony, Bessie uses her courage and determination to make her dream come true!’

PRE-ORDER: Inspiring girls through fairy tales – Story of the first black woman to receive her pilot’s license https://goo.gl/SukCii #queengirls


The book is still to print and Queen Girls is hoping you can help them ‘kick’ their crowdfunding campaign! This campaign will be run on Kickstarter.com to collect the necessary funds to print the first book. If you believe in this project, you can support it and be part of the movement, receiving one of the first limited copies by doing so.

If this sounds appealing to you, please pledge to make it happen here!

How to get involved?

I would invite you to check out their current Kickstarter campaign to collect necessary funds to print the first book! Queen Girls is hoping to reach like-minded people who can help them ‘kick’ their crowdfunding campaign! If you believe in their mission and want to be part of the movement, donate and receive one of the first limited copies here!

Check out the rewards to make it happen!

Available in English & Spanish
Recommended age – 4 to 7 y.o.
32 page, hardcover & digital

Queen Girls - Stories of real women turned into fairy tales!


Who are Queen Girls?

This multicultural team is formed by Jimena Durán (Spain), Andrea Doshi (USA) and Chiara Fabbri (Italy). They bring their diverse experiences to this initiative along with tons of love and dedication. Their intention is to open this collection to fellow authors and illustrators that could potentially bring their own Queens on board.

Community Support

Queen Girls also believe in giving back to the community and this is why they stand on a One for One model.
Every time you purchase a book, another will be donated to local and international organizations who are fighting illiteracy and empowering girls.

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