A great part of of MultiplesandMore is discovering new Twin bloggers. This week I met Mariam Barnes who started Twinmom.com. Twinmom is a one stop shop for parents of twins. I remember when I was pregnant with my twins and would have loved to have had such a great resource on my finger tips! Here you will find registry suggestions, resources, mom deals, great content articles, product reviews… and forums/groups so that women can connect and ask questions. So without further ado here is our interview to Mariam:

Why did you start your blog?

After a few months of having twins I wasted a LOT of money on “Trial and error” especially as a first time mom. I had wished for a resource for someone to just tell me WHAT TO DO rather than have to go on a scavenger hunt for for every question or issue. The registry was one of the hardest things. What do you really use two of? What is just an extra expense? I realized that there are a ton of mom groups and even a ton of mom sites, but when it came to a website that was specifically for twin moms, there wasn’t one go-to.

Where you surprised to discover you were having twins?

Very surprised. We had a miscarriage a year prior, so I remember being really sad before our first ultrasound, as I was prepared to hear bad news again. I just knew it was a real possibility since it had happened before. We wanted to hear a heartbeat so bad. Not only did we hear one, but we heard TWO! It was amazing and unreal at the same time.

What was your pregnancy like?

I had a miserable pregnancy. I was sick the entire time. At about 14 weeks I completely stopped leaving the house, and at some point I didn’t even leave the bedroom except to go to the bathroom. It was rough… but obviously so worth it. I know that a lot of twin moms have complications, and I am grateful that we didn’t have any of the scary stuff- just really really sick.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the past 12 months?

I have give myself credit for the amount of patience I have been able to maintain despite the MAJOR sleep deprivation, and constant struggle to keep it together. Since starting twinmom.com I have interviewed a lot of Twin moms who have had to deal with some very difficult issues. I try to remember them when I feel frustrated. There are twin parents all over the world that deal with far more difficult challenges than me, and still keep a smile on their face.

What is the best advice for new parents of multiples?

Sleep when your baby sleeps… HA!
Just kidding. That is actually our Twinmom.com tagline (including the “HA!” part) . I hate when people tell me that, because it is almost completely non-applicable to new born twins. If I could sum up my real advice in just one word it would be “Gratitude.” Try to practice gratitude in your life when it comes to your twins, and your relationship with your significant other. There are days when you will want to lose your mind, and it is totally ok. After your meltdown, try to remember all of the things you have in life to be grateful for. It will help get you back on track. Oh, and another piece of advice- there is NOTHING wrong with second hand stuff. There really isn’t.

Mariam from http://twinmom.com/

What is y our favourite blog post you want to share?

My Favorite Blog post is one called “Will I Ever be Whole again?- A poem written by a 9 year Old Surviving Twin. ” It is a true demonstration of how strong the Twin bond is… always and forever. http://twinmom.com/poem-written-by-a-9-year-old-surviving-twin/

What additional information about twins you would like to share?

Having Twins is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had, but to see the amount of joy that my two girls bring into the world is everything to me. It is is truly a double blessing… and It is CRAZY hard work. I mean CRAZY hard work,