Nickelodeon is releasing two new DVD’s that are perfect for rainy days, or in my case, incredibly hot and humid days.

The first DVD is Dora the Explorer: It’s Haircut Day! This four-episode DVD set includes “Dora’s Hair-Raising Adventures,” where Boots receives his first haircut. In addition, celebrate Dora’s twin siblings’ first birthday; join in on a spaceship adventure; and hop on Pegaso, the flying horse constellation! Here’s a quick recap of each episode:

Dora’s Hair Raising Adventure: Boots really wants to give his mom a picture of himself for her birthday but he’s having a bad hair day. Thankfully, Dora knows who can help, El Peluquero (the barber). Dora and Boots set out on a Hairy Adventure to solve a riddle at the Troll Bridge by matching poodles with cool geometric-shaped haircuts, help Señora Gigante brush some birdies out of her hair, and sing a “corta el pelo” song with El Peluquero as he gives Boots a new haircut.
Happy Birthday, Super Babies: It’s the Twins’ 1st birthday! Abuela’s making Guillermo a banana cake and Isabella a strawberry cake – her favorite! As they wait for the cakes to bake, Dora tells a Super Babies story! Once upon a time, there was a cake-snatching bear who stole everyone’s birthday cake. This was a job for the Super Babies! They bounced across the Bouncy House, caught a ride with Tico through the Piñata Forest, and made it to the Bear’s Castle to get back the birthday cakes and save everyone’s birthday.

Baby Winky Goes Home!: Dora and Boots find a lovable little space creature named Winky. He came to visit with his family, Purple Planet’s Inky, Dinky, Plinky, Flinky and Al, but he got lost! Winky must get back to his family before their spaceship takes off. They set off singing a Spanish hopping song over Hopscotch Bridge, blow giant rocks into bubbles, and float all the way to the top of the Tallest Mountain.

Dora’s Pegaso Adventure: Dora and Boots are playing a game of hide-and-seek with their friends Little Star and some animal constellations: Pegaso (the flying horse), a Baby Bear, a Lion and a Whale. Suddenly, a meteor shower rushes by scaring all of the animals away! The sky goes dark except for Little Star and Pegaso. If the constellations don’t come home to the moon before the sun comes up, they’ll never find their way home! They race against the sun and take a Pegaso ride to find the animal constellations.

The next DVD, Food with Friends features Dora, Diego, ,The Wonder Pets, Blue’s Clues, Yo Gabba Gabba and Ni Hao, Kai-lan. The DVD celebrates and explores different types of food.

Here’s a quick break down of each episode:

Dora the Explorer: El Dia de las Madres: It’s Mother’s Day and Dora wants to help Papi bake Mama a special cake. Three key ingredients are missing: bananas, nuts, and chocolate, so with Boots’ help, Dora sets out to gather them. Then it’s time for a big Mother’s Day party with all of Dora’s friends and their mommies. Go, Diego, Go!: Green Iguana Helps Abuelito Plant a New Strawberry Farm: It’s time for Abuelito’s Strawberry Festival, but when a strong wind blows all the strawberries away, Alicia must ask Diego for help. Green Iguana can save the day by transporting strawberry seeds in her belly and putting them into the soil so more strawberries can grow. They have to climb up trees to get to the top of the cliff, use stilts to get through the grass, swim through the lily pads and help iguana camouflage to hide from a scary animal. Most importantly, Iguana must get to Abuelito’s farm.
The Wonder Pets!: Save the Bee/Save the Squirrel: The Wonder Pets shrink down to bee-size to help a baby bee collect nectar for her first hive. Later on, a piglet comes to live in the classroom and the Wonder Pets each want to take care of it on their own. Eventually, they realize they need to work together to take care of the rather large piglet.

Blue’s Clues: The Grow Show: To find out what Blue wants to do outside, come help look for clues to learn the process of where orange juice comes from with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper; investigate the elements of length and volume by comparing inchworms and puddles with Shovel and Pail; and categorize fruits and vegetables by where they grow with the felt friends.
Yo Gabba Gabba!: Eat: The characters learn the fun of eating vegetables and healthy meals. During “Party in My Tummy” and “Snacky Snack Snack” the vegetables beg to participate; and then the characters learn to try new things in “Try It You’ll Like It” And finally, everyone learns that cleaning up their mess is just as fun as having a party in “Clean It Up!”

Ni Hao, Kai-lan: Happy Chinese New Year: It’s Chinese New Year, which means a big feast and red envelopes with friends and family! Kai-lan and her friends are thrilled because this year, they’re old enough to carry the huge dragon costume. Rintoo is assigned to march in the middle of the dragon but he doesn’t think the middle is important so he walks away. Without Rintoo, they can’t carry the dragon so Kai-lan must find a way to show Rintoo that every job on a team is important. In the end, the Dragon Team comes together to make the dragon dance and Yeye ends the day by giving a special red envelope to everyone.

Both DVD’s are great! Dora It’s Haircut Day is available in stores now and Food with Friends will be available on May 17th. Be sure to check them out!

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