Lani is back today with a review of an awesome new product from Disney, the Mickey Mote!

I recently had the pleasure of testing out an awesome new product from Disney, the DVD and Mickey Mote Playset. Disney tapped into our childrens’ eternal love of remote controls with this great educational toy which pairs fun with learning! My triplets are 3 now, and our focus lately has been on learning to count so the included DVD, “Mickey’s Numbers Roundup” was a perfect DVD for them. The Mickey Mote is a small, Mickey-shaped remote with just four buttons, which makes it perfect for little hands.

It takes just a few minutes to program the remote to your DVD player before you start playing, and before you know it, your kids are actively engaged and learning. This is a nice change to watching regular TV- (where they sit and stare, and you feel guilty for enjoying a few minutes of peace!); they kids are answering questions of varying difficulty, actively thinking, and learning their numbers as they watch. There are questions relating to numbers, letters, colors, and events that happened in the scenes they just watched. Not only is it good for them, but the mommy guilt factor is decreased by at least 75 %. It should be noted that the remote works only with specially marked Disney DVDs, not every Disney DVD. The Mickey Mote is available for purchase now and retails for about 29.99.

As a mom of multiples, I have to note that it is a little challenging to keep all three kids happy when there is only one Mickey Mote- but it is a good opportunity to teach my kids about sharing and turn-taking. It’s also nice to have a remote that I don’t mind the kids playing with! They can push the buttons all day long, and it won’t mess up your TVs settings. This MoM gives the Mickey Mote two thumbs up!