Now I’m going to preface this review with the fact that we are Catholic, but I love music and I love exploring different cultures, plus I saw Mama Doni on E!’s The Soup and had to hear more of her music! Mama Doni, a.k.a. Doni Zasloff Thomas, is a mom, music teacher, songwriter, and lead singer in the Mama Doni Band. The band celebrates Jewish culture in a high-energy way filled with catchy pop songs that break the mold of traditional Jewish music.

There are 14 songs on this album:

Shabbat Shaboom
Challah Day
Mazel Tov
My Mishpocha
The Sabbath Queen
A Grape Juice Break Dance
The Bat Mitzvah
Fahklempt (Again)
Jewish Cowgirl (Remix)
Chicken a la Tango
The Finale
Shabbat Shaboom (Acoustic)

I am in love with this album! There are so many upbeat and catchy songs. Even though this is just a CD you can feel Mama Doni’s personality bursting through. My favorites have to be Shabbat Shaboom, Jewish Cowgirl, Chicken a la Tango and A Grape Juice Break Dance. My kids love the music too and jump up and dance whenever it comes up on the iPod.

You can learn more about Mama Doni and the Mama Doni Band on their website. While you’re there you can also listen to more of the bands songs from their other albums and check out their tour dates!

Thank you again to the wonderful people at Waldmania PR for introducing me to The Mama Doni Band!