Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

The Lil’ Centaur: Adventurous and Energetic

Sagittarius is the last fire sign, which is why they are full of energy. This sign is in constant pursuit of experiences that will allow them to grow spiritually and intellectually. They tend to have a great sense of humor and generally become experienced travelers and amazing storytellers. They are known for being flexible and adaptable.  

For the above reason, Sagittarius babies will likely be early crawlers as they will want to be on the move to explore. These kids absolutely dislike being restrained and need to be active to expel the energy they have. You can make this easier for them by facilitating games, like a trampoline, so they can jump around to release that energy often. Other ideas include stacking toys and puzzles to keep them busy. 

Sagittarian babies are adventurous and will test their boundaries. To illustrate, a Sagittarius child could be urged to jump from the top of the stairs to the bottom without thinking they could injure themselves. In this case, telling the child what will happen is a good idea; however, this does not mean it will stop them so they will benefit from close supervision.

Parents in a fun, playful, and affectionate way need to teach their Sagittarius kids about consequences if they were to do something that could be dangerous. In some cases, it is best to allow them to experience what they want, as long as the severity of the consequences is kept to a minimum.

As they age, you will notice that they are comfortable doing things alone. Expose them to activities or sports with other kids so your Sagittarius child can appreciate that great and more fun experiences can come from doing things collectively.

This sign is highly intellectual, so be familiar with museums and cultural experiences in your area to feed their creativity. Also, having age-appropriate books handy will be beneficial at all times.

Sagittarius baby

Sagittarius Twins and Multiples: 

These kids will be a joy to be around, no doubt! Their loud and optimistic character will lift any home’s vibes. Get ready to have deep philosophical conversations and plan activities that will cater to their exploration urge.

Sagittarius’ like handing out with themselves and take time to self-care, so make sure that you create a space where they can do that. 

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