Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

The Scorplings or Baby Scorpions: Sweet, Shy and Private

Scorpio is known for having deep feelings and for hunting intense situations and emotions. They tend to be very passionate about what they really care about, and are known for being very private and calculating (hence the venomous sting). 

Kids that are born under water signs will be very affectionate. Scorpio babies want to be held and cuddled and want to give and receive love. Once they encounter something they really like, they will express it with excitement. At the same time, if they encounter something they strongly dislike, they will show that as well.

Scorpio children are quite fearless and will take on dares, and this is why it is highly important to teach kids about safety at a very young age. All babies need to be protected from hazards around the house, but when it comes to a Scorpio baby, you will want to make sure that every single room in the home is childproofed. And as they get somewhat older, they will become more secretive and could be visiting areas of the house without you noticing.

Scorpios have a bad rep for being negative and pessimistic. However, we believe they are just misunderstood. As mentioned above, they will have a wide range of emotions, but with age will be more private about everything, including their feelings. 

To foster a close relationship with your Scorpio child, make them feel that they can tell you anything even before they can talk. This way, they are less likely to hide their feelings and will be more willing to talk about anything that could upset them. 

Scorpio baby

Scorpio Twins or Multiples: 

Scorpios will most likely understand each other and share a deep intimacy. However, once they disagree, their fights will be very passionate and longer than they need to be. Be patient when moderating disagreements as this sign is very stubborn. 

They are also very independent, so support them if they want to try different things on their own. 

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