It’s almost that time of year–the spring consignment sale season! If your multiples club holds a sale, I’m sure you know it’s a great place to get gently-used baby equipment, strollers, kid-sized furniture, and lots of clothes. Oh, the clothes! Shopping the kids’ consignment sales is one of the ways I keep my twin girls and their big brother in great clothes for very little money.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of shopping the kids consignment sales in your area:

  1. Make a shopping list. Just like shopping at the grocery store or Target, you’ll avoid impulse buys and overspending if you shop from a list. Check your children’s closets before you shop; you may have plenty of summer pajamas socked away from a clearance sale or that were handed-down.
  2. Think ahead. Since most sales occur in the spring and fall, try to think ahead 6 months for what your multiples will need. What phases are coming up–highchairs? potty training? Now that mine are older, I focus on seasonal items like raincoats, boots, and holiday dresswear.
  3. Prioritize your list. You know how crowded these sales can get! If you really need a double- or triple-stroller, go to that section first. Shop for your big-ticket items first; there’s plenty of time for smaller items like clothes and toys.
  4. Learn the sale’s rules and procedures. Most clubs put a lot of information on the sale section of their website, so understand how to “Hold” an item and what forms of payment are taken before you arrive. If you’re shopping a neighboring Club’s sale, you may be able to shop early by showing proof of your membership. There are often guidelines on how to shop if you’re largely pregnant as well.
  5. Prep yourself.  I usually bring a laundry basket or large IKEA reusable tote to carry my finds around. I also bring water and a granola bar to get me through the morning.Don’t bring your children! Strollers will slow you down and make it difficult to get through the aisles.
  6. Go shopping–and have fun saving money!
What are your tips for shopping a kids’ consignment sale? What do you usually shop for?

Happy shopping!