Today’s craft is a an a easy & fun way to make your little ones a shirt for St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day Shirt

You will need:
Plain shirt
Green acrylic (or fabric) paint
Paint brush
Freezer paper
(optional items listed below)

1. Prewash the shirt (always prewash fabric before painting it)
2. My daughters picked out a shamrock clipart on-line that they liked and I printed it out.
3. Next trace the shamrock on to freezer paper.

4. Cut out the shamrock on the freezer paper (your cutting does not have to be exact – you can always touch up later)

5. You will be using the outline of the shamrock.  Now, take your hot iron and iron the freezer paper (waxy side or shiny side down) on to the shirt.

**** If you would like more than one shamrock or wording on the shirt – repeat steps 3 -5 using whatever clipart you would like.
6.  Insert some cardboard on freezer paper inside the shirt so the paint will not bleed through
7.  Take a sponge or paintbrush and using the stencil, paint your shamrocks.

8.  Allow your paint to dry (depending on the paint) and now you can carefully peel off the freezer paper.

**** Optional: I added a little bit of matching ribbon & a detachable bow to the front of the shirt for a little extra decoration.

I used my sewing machine to attach the ribbon to the front of theshirt. And I made a bow and attached it to a safety pin so the bow.  The bow will need to be removed before washing.

Now your little lucky charms has their very own St. Patrick’s Day shirt that you made. 
I hope you enjoyed today’s craft.

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