I was asked to try Stanley Home’s new Degreaser Concentrate around my house and share my thoughts. For 70 years, Stanley Home has been offering quality cleaning, home, and personal care products to North American homes and families. Stanley Home representatives are the heart of the company, helping sell great products at a great price, while enjoying the at-home business opportunities that come with being an independent Customer Representative.

The Degreaser Concentrate is four times more concentrated than leading cleaners, it powers out tough grease build-up and stains wherever they’re found. Since you use less, you save more, for better results! It is safe for septic systems, biodegradable, and phosphate-free. When I received the product Stanley Home included a list of 50 different ways you can use the product.

Now, for me, I knew exactly where I was going to use this. I have a gas stove and my grates from my burners never seem to get clean enough. I’ve literally tried everything and can never get them the way I want them. The Degreaser Concentrate really did the trick, and I didn’t have to use a lot.  I’m going to try it on my husbands smoker racks the next time he uses it because those are usually a mess after he is done smoking something.

The price for the Degreaser is $9.99, which for some people is a little steep, but trust me a little goes a long way and you will have this bottle for a while. It’s definitely worth the price, in my opinion.

Have you ever used a Stanley Home Product? What’s your favorite?