Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

The Calf or Baby Bull: Hard Working and Dependable

Taureans are generally calm souls. Although Taurus enjoys relaxing and being pampered, they are hard workers and have no issues in making sacrifices to getting the job done. When not at work, this sign will seek out pleasure, so neck caresses, soft sounds, and soothing aromas will make any Taurus child feel good. For them, being present and truthful is everything.

Your Taurus baby will have a love for nature as Taurus is an earth sign. It is a great idea to get your child out in a natural environment as much as you can. Take them to parks so they can interact with the grass, the trees, and the flowers. This kind of stimulation will generally calm and amuse a Taurus child. And since safety always comes first, remember to put sunscreen and hats on them. For infants under 6 months of age, just be sure to keep their arms or legs covered when it is sunny since they cannot wear sunscreen. 

Even though Taureans generally love material things, Taurus babies prefer to have cuddles and a set routine for security. If you must change their routine, we recommend easing them into it if possible.

Similar to Aries, a Taurus child will highly value honesty and might test you when they feel you are not being truthful. Find ways always to be honest with them as they will not take lies lightly.

Taureans have a bad rep for being stubborn. They will change their views if they have convincing information, they just won’t change their perspective to satisfy someone else. 

Stubbornness will come to light for Taurus children in several ways, including respect for authorities and just doing things their own way. Be prepared to encourage them to move out of their comfort zone gently and have to explain why they should consider it. Encouraging them early on to try new things will be very helpful to work on this treat earlier in life, but remember, they will only do so at their own pace. 

Taurus baby

Taurus Twins and Multiples: 

Having two or more Taurus kids together will have lower levels of drama than other signs. However, Taureans are more likely to have a high need to have their own things and fight over someone taking their stuff. Individuality and ownership are important to them. Be sure to give each child a space they can call their own. Also, this is a sign you shouldn’t force to dress alike. 

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