I won’t lie, this was one of those shows that the first time I saw it I thought to myself, “What am I watching?”. Naturally, whenever you have thoughts like that about a show your children immediately love it. Thankfully The Backyardigans is actually an adorable show. Something I absolutely love about this show is that each episode introduces your child to different music genres. This all new DVD that was released on July 13th features four new to DVD episodes that I’m sure your kids will love!

Elephant on the Run: Park Ranger Tasha has an important job for delivery agents Pablo and Tyrone. They must get an endangered Indian elephant to the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary while avoiding the bad guys. In this episode your children are introduced to alternative rock.

The Magic Skateboard: Tyrone wants to be a great skateboarder, even though he doesn’t have all the tricks he competes in the Show-Off Showdown. The music genre featured in this episode is forro.

The Flipper!: Uniqua, Tasha and Pablo are the Meteor Watch Squad. Pablo accidentally spills toxic space stuff all over himself and becomes a super strong Flipper! The music genre featured is Bo Diddley-Style Rock.

Super Team Awesome!: Tyrone is a tour guide for the world’s only lava geyser, Old Gushie. When a loose boulder in a cavern threatens to cause a disaster, Tyrone calls for help and is saved by three super heroes. The music genre featured is American Country Rock.

My kids absolutely loved this DVD and honestly for me there is nothing more adorable then when they spin in a circle and sing along to the theme song!

You can find this DVD at Target, Walmart and Amazon.com.

What is your favorite thing about The Backyardigans?