The bells…the dinging…the singing…the chimes…the merriment…make it stop!!!

Christmas came early for the Chrazies and they are really making me work for this holiday cheer and marshmallow world nonsense!  Their attitudes and behavior are out of control.  I’m SURE it’s just because of the copious holiday merriment they’re provided every day thanks to yours truly, but here are a few things that I’m definitely instilling as of today (never too late to start, right?):

  1. Quiet voices only at the table.
  2. There will be no standing on chairs at the table.  Sounds easy, but the Chrazies are Italian…not only do they speak loudly to make their points, they they also stand up on their chairs.  It’s madness.
  3. No getting down from a meal unless they’re excused.  I have no idea how this even started, but it’s becoming a big problem and I’m done with it!
  4. No name calling.  This has gotten HUGE!!!  The Boy Chrazy especially.  He’s a nightmare (crap!  No name calling…this is going to be harder than I thought)!  I’m working on a zero tolerance program in Casa de Chrazies.
  5. If you hit, you’re automatically in time-out.  We’ve had this rule in existence for a while, but it’s recently become a problem today.  Let’s take today as an example.  Boy hits Girl.  Boy goes into time-out.  Girl comes over and hits ME!!!  Girl goes up to her room.  WHATISHAPPENINGHERE????
  6. No arguing…PERIOD.

Maybe it’s the joy of being four.  Maybe it’s knowing that you’re getting a multitude of presents from visiting grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles, and the blessed Santa is also coming your way (because instead of scaring my Chrazies into thinking they’re not getting gifts, that blasted mall Santa was nice to them and actually told them he heard they’d been nice all year too…WHATWASHETHINKING????  Doesn’t he know he’s a scare tactic at this point???).  Maybe it’s because you’re eating differently (ugh…the Red #40 is EVERYWHERE).  Maybe it’s the fact that they’re going to bed later for various reasons (Christmas specials on television, Advent gifts, phone calls and Skyping with relatives, general nuttiness).  Either way, things are way off in Casa de Chrazies and I’m putting my foot down!!

Do your disciplinary actions change around the holidays?  Are you also losing your  mind?  Do you ever wonder if it’s them and not you?  Gah…I sound like a support group leader!  Maybe that’s actually a good idea!

Come visit us if you’re game at Unexplained X2 (and good luck making it through the next two weeks…just think, after this, we have the joys of being housebound in the Winter to look forward to)!!!