We’ve all been there…that mad dash to the bathroom when you leave your kids unattended for what feels like an eternity, but is, in reality, about 5 seconds. My kids are kind of over achievers and while other kids may get into some trouble while their mom is gone- my kids excel at trouble and cause as much as humanly possible in the few seconds that I’m missing in action. So, I’ve amassed quite a collection of “things you never wanna hear while you’re in the bathroom” and I thought I’d share a few of them with you.

*jump Jack, jump
*color here, Jackson
*oh no, Hailey, oh no
*I think the babies are awake, Jack, lets go check
*I’ll get you some milk
*ear piercing screams followed by, “I think the baby is sleeping on the floor”
*it’s ok, baby, I pick you up
*get me some wipes, quick, Jack
*oh look, baby rolled off the couch
*no jumping off the steps, Jack
*Jack went poopy *there’s poopy on the couch
*momma I’m all wet
*that’s my barbie shoe, ellie
*you sit here, on the couch, baby
*my tools, baby, followed by a smack and crying
*Jack’s dripping
*let me touch that, Jack
*wanna see something cool, Jack
*look at this, Hailey
*let’s sneak up on the babies
*giddy up, baby
*you wanna be airplane, baby
*and the worst of all…absolute silence!

Nothing gets a momma out of the bathroom faster than having the chatter of her children abruptly end!

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