As a parent of multiples, you may sometimes feel like your household is being run by the kids, instead of the other way around. If so, it may be time to seek additional help, to even out the child to adult ratio.

One great childcare option for parents of multiples is an au pair. An au pair (“oh pair”) is a young adult from another country that lives with your family and cares for your children. The word “au pair” is French and means “on par” – to indicate that the au pair is welcomed into the home like a member of the family. Au pairs have a sincere love for children, significant childcare experience, and provide 45-hours per week of childcare.

Because parents of multiple face challenges parents of non-multiples don’t face – including increased competition for a parent’s time, helping more than one child through key developmental phases, and increased costs associated with food, activities and childcare – having an extra set of hands can make all the difference. An au pairs help parents with daily child care related tasks, with flexible hours that parents choose, while providing emotional support and individualized attention for all their children.

How an Au Pair Helps Care for Multiples
• Au pairs are an affordable child care option that does not cost extra per child. Au pair rates remain the same regardless of how many children a family has – multiples or otherwise.
• Au pairs provide an extra set of eyes, ears and hands to help change diapers, push strollers, feed, potty train, fold clothes, wash bottles, travel, and supervise multiples.
• Au pairs can offer additional emotional support to both parents and children, allowing each group the opportunity to take a “time out” when needed.
• Au pairs can take multiples on special outings one at a time, to encourage individuality and allow parents to have one-on-one time with each child.
• An au pair also provides a window to the world for your multiples – exposing them to a new language and culture.

“As a mother of five children, including twins, I can say that having an au pair was invaluable, and at times we couldn’t have done it without her extra set of hands,” said Heidi Woehl, vice president of AuPairCare. “Whether it’s pushing a second grocery cart around the store or traveling with the family to visit grandparents, our au pair was able to step in whenever an extra adult was needed.”

AuPairCare is a leading au pair agency providing affordable live-in childcare services to American families since 1989. Designated by the U.S. Department of State, AuPairCare offers superior childcare to fit families’ unique needs.

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