A topic that I’m finding very popular in the multiples community is whether or not to separate your kids once they get to school. Now in some states you do not have the option, but for those of us that do I’d love to get your opinions on the matter.

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While planning this topic discussion I thought I’d ask some of my friends that are twins what their school experience was like. My college roommates, Kristin and Val (read their expert interview here) told me that they were in different classes all throughout school. Here’s what Kristin had to say, “From what I recall, we were fine, no anxiety or anything like that. I think it’s a good thing, it gave us an opportunity to be independent from one another, make our own friends, and determine what we were interested in as individuals….like Val went on to be in band, and I took art classes. And it didn’t negatively affect our relationship, even though we made different friends, they eventually became both of our friends, we were still close (obviously still are) and I always considered her to be the closest person to me. If anything being apart all day at school, made us closer at home because we probably only saw each at recess or something during the day. “

I also talked to friends of mine from way back in high school, Paulina and Libby. They were in the same classes until high school. Libby told me, “I personally liked being in the same class with my sister, because we were able to do homework together at the end of the day. I kind of wish I had more classes with her in high school.” Paulina told me basically the same thing and said, “I loved being in the same classes as Libby. The thing was that I was never alone, I always had her there right beside me all the time which was nice. High school was a little different, we were in different classes and then we had boyfriends so we weren’t around each other as much in high school. I wish we had more classes together in high school, but we were still close. Twins will always have that connection no matter what. We used to stay up all night talking about boys, we had fun. She was and will always be there for me and I love her to death!”

As far as my kids, I’m still up in the air about what I want to do. I know when I put them in preschool/VPK I want them in the same class, just because it’s their first time in that environment. After that, I’m not sure, that’s a bridge Scott and I will have to cross after we see how they interact in a classroom environment.

I really want today to be an open discussion on your opinions on keeping kids in the same or separate classes. If you multiples are older, please share with us how you made your decision and how you feel it worked for your kids. If your kids are not in school yet, what are your plans? How are you coming to that decision?

Thank you to Kristin, Val, Libby and Paulina for shedding some personal light on the topic!