I recently went through my diary of back when I was potty or toilet training my twins. The quote, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” would play on my mind.

My girls were 2.5 years when I actively took up the parenting challenge of toilet training them together. At the time in pursuit for finding a solution I purchased:

  • 5 potties of size, comfort, colour and design;
  • 2 Toilet inserts (one to fit under the set and over);
  • Tens of tens of quality training pants from hand sewn design from etsy, cheap towling from China, teeny-weeny undies from Big W, pull up nappy pants to absolutely bare bottoms;
  • I spent a small fortune on charts, videos, books (Dumpy and the Gang), iPad Apps, and bribery like stickers and chocolate;
  • I have made up songs and danced around the bathroom chanting “poo poo in the potty” and made every sound of concentration, clapping and encouragement of support;
  • Grumbled at my own inadequacies as I am reminded I was toilet trained at 21 months and colleagues and friends children were defiantly toilet trained by 2…

Now I just accept that sometimes it doesn’t matter what I do (except install one of those fantastic tiny toilets from kindy) that if the child is not ready, sometimes you just got to wait a little longer to support them.

Do you have any tips on toilet training twins?