The featured blogger of the week is Anonomum. She is the proud MoM of identical girls and as you can guess, she blogs completely anonymously.

What made you decide to start a blog, and specifically anonymously?

The day my twins were born I started to email my close friends and family to update them as no-one was allowed to visit the hospital due to a big swine flu outbreak. It was so strict that Twin 1 (who was with me on the ward) couldn’t even go into the special care unit where Twin B was in fear of carrying infection. It went of for 3 weeks and emailing was perfect becasue it updated my desperate family, and provided a kind of diary or those early days. And the blog is just an extension of that really…plus I’d firmly caught the writing bug and felt I had something to say and something to share. I wanted to be anonymous for a few reasons. Firstly I could be completely honest without fear of upsetting someone, or censoring myself. And it’s also a kind of protection, for what I’m not sure but I feel safer with it certainly.

What advice do you have for families also going through infertility and the IVF process?

Prepare yourself physcially and menatlly. For three months before eat well, reduce the amount you drink/smoke. Activly realx. Do things that reduce your stress levels. But more importantly remain positive. Each time a negative thought comes into your mind, replace it with a positive one…and dare to dream a positive outcome. I’m certain that these things ensured our pregnancy.

What surprised you most with your identical girls?

That, to me, they are completely different. My biggest worry when pregnant was I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart and loose track of who was who. I’d even planned to put a little bit of nail varnish on one so we could tell them apart. But in the end, there was no need to worry. They were in seperate wards for 3 weeks, and although my family still find it hard a times to tell them apart, they are so different in looks and personality to me. Infact they are polar opposites,which I guess is part of them forming their own personalities. The amount of tactics they have to get my sole attention also surprises me…clever little buggers.

What advice can you offer to new parents of twins?

Befriend another mum of twins, preferably ho has kids the same age. I found a good friend who has twins 2 days younger than mine, and comparing notes with her is invaluable because she is going through the same thing, and I always feel better when I see that I’m not alone. My friends without twins are also great, but it’s a completely different deal with twins, and you need someone who understands that.

Other than that, take deep breaths when times are tough.

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