Congratulations! You are pregnant with Twins OR More! And after you have registered the shock from your face, if you were like me – I jumped onto the internet to find out more. During my pregnancy I spoke with friends and family who had twins (my mum which was a good start!), purchased Twin books, joined the local Multiple Birth Club and I spent hours reading blogs of other twin mums and videos on YouTube. Nothing quite compares though from your own experience of pregnancy, twin birth story and that first year of parenting twins.

However I have compiled the following FREE Guide to Twins and more. Check out the following Chapters with 70 Videos:

  • Chapter 1: What are Twins?
  • Chapter 2: There’s a Pair in there: Finding out it’s Twins
  • Chapter 3: Preparing for your Twin’s Arrival
  • Chapter 4: Pregnancy Updates
  • Chapter 5: Delivery day and your Hospital Stay
  • Chapter 6: Twins Labor, Delivery and Birth
  • Chapter 7: Triplets Labor, Delivery and Birth
  • Chapter 8: Sleep Strategies for Twins
  • Chapter 9: Feeding Twins Tutorials
  • Chapter 10: Twins Funny Home Videos
  • Chapter 11: Higher Order Multiples

To register and watch these carefully selected video guides and tutorials just open a Free Account here! I will be adding more tutorials every week or so. Alternatively if you have a favourite video about Twins or More you have seen online – send me a comment below so I can add it to the Chapters.

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Ultimate Guide to Twins