As a mom, I take any opportunity I find to infuse my kids with acts of kindness, and Valentine’s Day is one of those days.

The amount of disturbing news that the year kicked off with is really heartbreaking, and I genuinely believe that a portion of them could have been prevented if we were in a more loving and selfless world. So, I will do my part as a role model to my little ones, even if it’s just a drop of water in the ocean. If my universe is filled with love, that’s enough for me.

And the good thing about these sorts of projects is that they not only teach our kids to be more loving and expressive, but the actual process of creating a gift from scratch works on key development areas like concentration, detail-orientation, and creativity. 

Today I want to share how easy it can be to create a unique gift for that teacher that gives their all for your little one’s education and development. You can create a beautiful and thoughtful Valentine’s Day card in 3 easy steps, and more likely than not, you’ll have everything you need at home already. 

Valentine’s Teacher Card Materials

  • Colored cardstock paper
  • Kid’s drawings
  • Colored marker
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Step by Step Instructions

1. Set up a strong base

Select a color for the interior of the Valentine’s teacher card and fold it in half. In this example, we used a yellow A5 card. 

To make the interior even more unique, we created a pop-up effect. To create the base, you can use this printable template or can do it freestyle as we did. 

If going freestyle, make 2 long cuts of equal length, about an inch apart, in the middle of the folded side of your card. This will be the most prominent pop up on the greeting card. Then, make 2 or 3 smaller sets of cuts (creating strips of about half an inch) on either side of the large cut. These will be folded inward to create pop-up “strips” in the next step. 

It is important that each “set” of cuts is of the same length so that the pop up works correctly. Use a ruler or the template provided if you’re not comfortable with “close enough”, although this pop up doesn’t need perfect accuracy to work. Then, fold the “strips” inwards to create your pop up structure.

Once you feel good about that base, grab a second A5 colored card for the exterior, fold it in half, and glue to the back of the first cart with the cuts to form the outside shell of the card. 

2. Build the main components of the card

This is where you will let your little one’s imagination roam free. Create the main components of the teacher’s Valentine Day card to add to the pop-out strips and even the surrounding areas. We made a big heart using glitter paper for the center, flowers, and other smaller hearts. 

Once you have those ready, cut them out and add a back base with colored paper in another color to make them stronger and help it pop up firmly. 

Glue some of your hearts and drawings to the bottom half of the pop-up strips. The larger shapes should be glued onto the larger strips for the best effect. Glue the rest of your flowers and hearts to other areas, including the exterior.

3. Add a message

This part can be done by either you or your child. However, you must select the message for your Valentine’s Day card in advance. Write the message on another piece of colored card. Trim the message the way you like it and glue. If you are lacking inspiration, here are some messages we considered for this project:

  • Teachers are cool. That’s why you rule!
  • [dog’s name] ate my homework, but I have this card for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • You make learning fun. So I will make this a sweet day for you. Happy VDay!
  • Roses are red. Violets are blue. You’re the best teacher ever — I’m so thankful for you!
  • I’m so lucky that you’re my teacher. Have a happy heart’s day! 

Now that you have your card, pair it with your teacher’s favorite snack or a nice chocolate bar and have your child surprise them. I’m sure their piece of art will melt their heart right away.

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