I’m beyond excited to be a VeggieTales Mom! My kiddos love VeggieTales and I love the messages associated with the various DVD’s. I was first introduced to VeggieTales in college by the family I babysat for. VeggieTales was their son’s favorite show and what we often watched. The moment I shared it with my children, years later, they were hooked.

Yesterday VeggieTales debuted a new film, “The Penniless Princess”.  The classic story A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett now has a Veggie twist! “The Penniless Princess” is a Veggie adaption of this timeless story and teaches an important lesson about knowing your own true worth.

Here’s the synopsis for the show: It doesn’t matter what you have…it matters what’s in your heart!

Sweet Sara Crewe has everything a little girl could want – a loving family, lots of friends and a closet full of frilly dresses! But when life takes a turn and Sara goes from riches to rags, will she realize that her true worth lies not in what she has, but what’s in her heart? Find out in this inspiring new story from VeggieTales, based on the beloved classic novel “A Little Princess,” that reminds kids who they are in God’s eyes.

Lesson: Knowing Your True Worth

Verse: Whatever is true, pure and lovely…practice these things.” – Phillippians 4:8

Knowing your true worth is definitely a message I’ve been working with my kiddos on. The film does a great job teaching this lesson to the kids that are watching it, plus, the fact that it is based on such a beloved novel makes it that much more lovable.

All of the VeggieTales characters you know and love are in the film, and my kids may or may not call Larry the Cucumber Larry Boy all the time. Even though in this film he’s Sara’s father, he will always be Larry Boy to them.

Below is a $3 off coupon you can use towards the purchase of VeggieTales “The Penniless Princess”. Simply click on the photo so it opens in a new screen and then you can print it from there.

Do you and your kiddos watch VeggieTales? Who is your favorite character?