Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

The Lil’ Maiden: Kind, Smart and Practical

Known for their high standards, Virgos expect perfection and works hard without any complaints. Their Type A personality makes them very curious and are interested in the why behind everything. Virgos are very systematical and are consistently working on improvement and perfecting skills. They pay close attention to detail and tend to be introverts.

Children that fall under this earth sign absolutely dislike being dirty. This means when your Virgo baby has a dirty diaper, they will be sure to let you know about it. One small feeling of being unclean will give them a reason to cry loudly. 

Once they become older, they will be quite unhappy when they are in cluttered rooms. If their hands are sticky after eating chocolate or playing outside, they will demand that they are bathed or have their hands cleaned up. Virgo children are one of the few kids that actually want to be bathed! They simply want and need cleanliness. 

However, this does not mean that they will be the ones to clean up after themselves and will expect you to do the job for them. They will clearly get upset if there is any mess. To get ahead of this, encourage your Virgo child to clean their toys and belongings, so they don’t begin to demand that you do the job for them. Teaching all kids chores early on is important. Still, for Virgo kids, it is crucial, so they learn ownership early on.

Virgos also tend to crave perfection, so it’s essential to communicate to them from an early age that imperfections are part of what makes things beautiful and unique. 

Virgo baby

Virgo Twins and Multiples: 

Having two or more Virgos will most likely mean that they will keep their respective areas organized. Also, the meaning of ‘order’ varies among Virgos, so they might understand each other but might not always agree. Be prepared to be a mediator in discussions that are sensitive to them. 

To keep them busy while strengthening their bond, look for DIY type projects and crafts that they can do together. They have no issue in putting in work to create greatness.

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